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Simple Steps That Show How to Make Earrings from Safety Pins

Safety Pin Earrings
Who would have thought that a simple fastening device could become a fashion accessory? But now that the unthinkable has been done, how do you go about creating your own earrings from safety pins. Well, here is how.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Durable saviors in times of grave emergencies like a broken slipper, a faulty zipper, a wardrobe malfunction, and even a handy replacement for a clothespin, a safety pin on many occasions can become a messiah for those in trouble. Ok, maybe the use of hyperbole was a bit too much, but seriously, ever thought of the safety pin as a fashion accessory? If no, then here is your introduction to one of the latest fashion jewelry trends, safety pin earrings.
While many of you may be wincing in pain at the thought of having a safety pin inserted through your ear piercing, the fact of the matter is, these earrings are not at all painful. In fact, they are the perfect accessories to channel the punk rock look that is making the waves on the runway nowadays. And since fashion is ever changing, we suggest that you take it upon yourself to learn how to make these ear accessories to be fashion ready.
How to Make Earrings from Safety Pins
Wire cutter on white background
These earrings are probably the easiest jewelry to make, because there is hardly anything much to do, unless you want to customize them to suit your sensibilities. The things you need in order to make your very own pair of earrings from safety pins are:
  • Safety pins, 2, medium or large
  • Nail file
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Wire cutters
  • Take the safety pins and cut off the sharp tips of the pin with the help of the wire cutter. Be sure to cut off only the tips and at a length that will ensure that you are still able to close the pin without any difficulty.
  • With the help of the nail file, file the tips of the safety pin so that there are absolutely no sharp edges on the pin which may hurt you while trying to wear the earrings.
  • It is at this stage that you can personalize the earrings with beads or sequins.
  • The last step in the process is to clean the safety pins with hydrogen peroxide and you are ready to flaunt the homemade piece of jewelry.
Design Ideas
Your earrings may not be a Birkin bag, but they can surely be customized in a similar fashion, so that no one can match the pair that you flaunt. Here are a few ideas that will help you give a unique twist to your earrings.
  • Take beads in different or the same color and then using the safety pin thread them in. Leave enough space to allow the safety pin to close. Experiment as you feel with the beads. Another similar idea is to make chains of sequins, attach them to ring-like beads and thread it into the needle.
  • A good idea for a funky twist is to attach them to a earring hook as an accessory. Pick up earring hooks that are easily available at any store that vends knickknacks. Now attach the safety pin to it. Along with the safety pin, you can also attach pieces of rivet chains to it. This will only add to the punk look that you are aiming at.
  • Since these earrings are all the range right now, there are many designers who have come up with their own range of safety pin earrings in sterling silver, diamond, and gold. While these can be worn as they are, you can enhance the look by slipping in rings into the safety pin. But do remember that this will make the earrings a lot heavier and will, therefore pull at the ear.
  • Take safety pins in different sizes and starting with the biggest, make a chain with them. Increase the length to one you are comfortable with and sport a linked earring.
Give a free rein to your creativity and come up with as many innovations as you can think of. These are just a start to the range of earrings that you can create.