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How to Make a Comforter That Will Melt You Into a Puddle

How to Make a Comforter
A comforter, also known as 'doona' or 'continental quilt', is a type of bedding filled with insulation materials for warmth, traditionally down or feathers, wool or cotton batting, silk, or polyester and other down alternative fibers. It is sometimes also sold as 'bed-in-bag'.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Comforters mimic blankets or quilts but are typically larger than the size of a mattress as well as the bed, and are rectangular in shape. They act like drapes, used to cover the sides of the bed, and hence, are the focal point of the bedroom. Making a comforter at home would add a distinct personal touch to your room, save you some cash, and also prove to be a fun activity.
Contrary to common assumption, making a comforter is actually a really easy job. First, ascertain whether your room has or needs a traditional or contemporary look, since you will have to choose fabrics that complement your bedroom theme. The materials used for making a comforter also must be chosen very carefully, check the quality of the fabrics and the batting material or filler, they should be lightweight, soft and machine-washable.
Before We Begin
The size of a comforter actually varies as per the size of the bed, so measure and cut the fabric accordingly. The fabric size will depend on the bed size plus the length, whether you want the comforter to fall like drapes, touching the legs of the bed or be just above the legs. This depends on individual preference, whichever patterns or designs you choose, it should complement your room.
white comforter
Things Required
✂ Sewing Machine
✂ Sewing Kit
✂ 2 Printed Fabrics
✂ 1 Batting Material or Polyester fiberfill or an old comforter
Step 1: First, place both the pieces of fabric on top of each other, with the right side or inner side of the fabric facing each other.

Step 2: Next, spread the batting material or polyester fiberfill or an old comforter below both the fabric sheets evenly. Trim the excess batting material accordingly.

Step 3: Now, align all the corners of the fabric and batting material. With the help of multiple pins, for four corners, fasten or fix the corners of the fabric and batting material. These form the four corners of your comforter.

Step 4: Now, leave one side open and start stitching or sewing together the remaining three sides of the fabric, along with the batting material/polyester fiberfill. Make sure you remove the pins and keep the fabric and batting aligned while sewing.

Step 5: Now, flip the fabric inside out, with the desired side of the fabric now facing outward. It will resemble a pouch or bag with one side open. Now, align the fabric and batting of this open side and sew it close. The basic stitching is almost complete and now for the finishing touch.

Step 6: To add visual appeal or decorate the comforter, you can use a quilting needle and embroidery floss. Stitch this through the comforter forming as many box patterns or patches as you like. Your homemade comforter is ready to use.

Using your own creative ideas, you can try various fabrics colors and pattern to enhance the look of the bedroom. As you can see anyone with little or basic sewing skill will be able to quickly create a unique homemade personalized comforter can be a great gift idea too.