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Free Baseball Cards Value List

Free Baseball Cards Value List

Scroll through this free baseball cards value list, to find out how much your sports trading cards are worth. You could stumble upon a great find, if you know the latest prices, before trading in your cards to other collectors or buying one to add to your very own collection...
Naomi Sarah
Baseball fans, and other sports fans alike, are now scrambling to other collectors and getting caught up in bids and auctions for vintage cards, that date back to as far as the early and mid 1950s. If you're an avid baseball card collector, I suggest you do ample research before dipping your feet into the trading pool.
It's a budding form of collectibles, that dates back to as far as the players themselves, when they started out that is. Here you'll come across a free baseball cards price list, to find out how much your trading card is valued at. You'll also read through guidelines, that every collector/seller must go by, if he/she wants to make the right deal.
Baseball Cards Value Guidelines
The free  baseball cards value list, features old players from back in the day, that are immortalized on delicately aging cards. Today they're worth thousands of dollars, that keep on escalating as time goes by.

Selling baseball cards needs certain factors to be kept in mind, that even buyers on the lookout to trade, need to bear in mind.
  • Keep yourself informed and up-to-date about prices of trading cards. Portals like SportsLizard, helps collectors and traders in keeping an updated track of prices in the market.
  • Keep an eye on Ebay auctions for those bidding on sports cards.
  • Find out how much your card is worth before getting involved in a trade-off.
  • Check out how valuable your card is on portals like 'Beckett' and 'TuffStuff'.
  • Once you have all your data compiled, come up with a price for your card that falls in the same price bracket of how much it's worth. Push the boundaries to test how valuable your card is, and if it has potential to make it to the top. This way you can hike up the cost, since some collectors are willing to pay the price for such a trade.
  • Other helpful sources are the Sports Market Report, Sports Collectors Digest and so on.
Price Value for Baseball Cards
Featured here are the top 10 cards that are making a hit in the trading cards arena in baseball. For those selling baseball cards, or trying to buy them, this is your ultimate guide.

Year Trading Card Valued At
1916 Sporting News Babe Ruth #151 PSA 1 $9,400
1952 Topps Mickey Mantle #311 SGC 50 $8,600
1963 Topps Rookie Stars #537 PSA 9 $8,214
1914 Cracker Jack COBB, Detroit-Americans #30 SGC 50 $7,500
1951 Bowman Tedd Williams #165 PSA 9 $6,767
1954 Bowman Ted Williams #66ted SGC 92 $6,219
1952 Topps Mickey Mantle #311 PSA 3 $6,200
1909 American Caramel Jackson, r.f Phila. Amer. #56 PSA 1 $5,793
1952 Topps Jake Pitler #395 PSA 8.5 $5,451
1902 Sporting Life Cabinets Denton ("Cy") Young #715 PSA 2 $5,206
Other Vintage Baseball Cards Values
There are other lesser expensive cards, that you could get your hands on; who knows, maybe with time these cards could also triple in value or more. Given here are some of the cards from the 1970s Topps, of baseball players from that era.
Year Trading Card Valued At
1974 456 Dave Winfield RC $45
1975 223 Robin Yount RC $55
1975 228 George Brett RC $25
1976 98 Dennis Eckersley $35
1977 473 Andre Dawson RC $25
1978 707 Paul Molitor Trammell RC $55
1978 36 Eddie Murray RC $55
1979 116 Smith RC $60
I hope that these lists give you a pretty good idea of what you're up against when it comes to trading baseball cards. It's a competitive field out there - bidding to get a hold on that timeless sports card, that could be the only thing left of that baseball player for the sake of posterity. Remember to keep those guidelines in mind, before you set your sights on a collector or one that is willing to sell.