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How to Get Free Baseball Card Values

Looking for free baseball card values? No problem! The article below will hopefully sort out your problem and will give you value for your time! Read on!
HobbyZeal Staff
Major League Baseball has created an amazing fan following since its inception, decades back. It does not come as a surprise considering that it is the national game of USA. Over a period of time, the craze and passion increased so much so that the diehard fans started collecting cards of these famous players. Of course to introduce that concept of cards, it must have required one of those really crazy fans! All the same, since the time these cards were introduced, they became a rage with the fans of the game. Baseball enthusiasts started collecting and exchanging cards, just like some collect stamps and coins. The rare and old the card is and the classic it is, the better (yes, just like scotch!). Then the values of cards must have been standardized at one point of time for ease of exchanging baseball cards. Now people look out for free baseball card values! Where to find them and what are they, coming up in the text below!
Free Baseball Card Values Online
Okay, so you want to know how much is Hank Aaron or Mickey Mantle worth, right? Check out the card values on the Internet. You will most probably get free baseball cards value list. Here is how.
Base #1
Beckett, undoubtedly is the premier baseball card value guide. Although it is not completely free, it is all the same a great resource for getting to know the values. Once you pay a nominal amount upfront, then you can get the values for free! Yes, it is ironic to some extent, but then, where do you get credible information and services for free?
Base #2
Rookiestars is a website where you can get absolutely free baseball card values. No subscription charges upfront, no trial fees, nothing. Type the card type and player or whatever is required for the website to give you the values. Voila! You will have the information. Check out the website to get an idea of how it works.
Base #3
Another resource which will help you get baseball cards value is Tuff Stuff magazine - the printed as well as the online version. It has good information on autographs, gold, and limited editions of cards.
Another extremely easy option to get card values for free is to just walk in a sports goods shop and ask the shopkeeper to tell you the value of the card! You are done! The shopkeeper will surely not charge you for sharing this vital piece of information with you!
Further there a few things which determine how the cards are priced and graded. That is called grading. Grading is more or less uniform amongst the baseball card collectors. The grading factors, therefore, are -
  • Sharp corners
  • 55%/45% or better centering - the centering of the picture within the borders
  • Edges which are smooth
  • The level of retention of original color border and gloss
These things decide where the card will be placed. Will it be on the top of the card value list or will it be pushed down with not much worth.
Some Current Baseball Card Values
A 1952 Mickey Mantle card was sold for a whopping $50,000! The amazing part is that it was not the highest selling card in the history of baseball cards. A Honus Wagner card wins the top slot in this regard. It was sold in 2008 for an estimated $2.8 million. Typically, current baseball card prices are going depending upon the card owned. Some values for your perusal are coming up!
  • 2000 Bowman Chrome Barry Zito Rookie Card #419 - $4.00 low book and $10.00 high book by Beckett
  • 2007 Bowman Draft Dallas Braden Rookie Card #BDP35 - 5 cards sold for $5 bucks, which were not even bid!
  • 1999 Bowman Chrome Josh Hamilton Rookie Card #431 - $8.00 low book and $20.00 high book and the final price on eBay was $22.00
  • 1999 Topps Traded Josh Hamilton Rookie Card #T66 - Cards value - $2.50 low book and $6.00 high book and an eBay auction sold for $4.89
These were latest baseball card values. You can find many more in the resources mentioned above for selling baseball cards.That's it! Hope it was helpful! All the best! Bid for the best cards!