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Here are a Few Fabulously Cool Things to Make Out of Wood

Cool Things to Make Out of Wood
Whether you're a DIYer, craftsman, artist, or carpenter, working with wood to create something fabulous is always a joy. HobbyZeal gives you a couple of wood DIY ideas here.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018
Wood is one of the easiest and durable materials found in nature, and can be used for a variety of reasons. There are innumerable uses of this tough, fibrous tissue. Depending on how you're going to use wood, there are two main categories you should be aware about―softwood and hardwood. Softwood lumber comes from evergreen and coniferous trees like pine, spruce, hemlock, fir, cedar, and redwood. These woods are used in the construction industry for making home furniture. The hardwood, on the other hand, comes from deciduous trees that shed leaves once in a year, such as oak, maple, cherry, birch, walnut, ash, and poplar. They too are used to make furniture but in very limited amounts as it is not easy to cut of drill these varieties (hence certain items are expensive).
One peculiarity of wood is that you can create different patterns and designs with it. Also, it can be molded in various shapes as well. Since a very long time now, humankind has been using wood for many purposes like fire, furniture, kitchen wear, artifacts, etc. Today, there are many creative things to make using wood. Given below are a few ideas for useful things to make out of wood, like furniture and other things in the house.
Softwood Project: Wooden Bookcase
Furniture is one of the most popular items to make as it is long-lasting, durable, and inexpensive. Beds, wardrobes, closets, tables, chairs, couches, sofas, doors, windows, etc., are some of the many useful things which are made from different types of wood. These can be made from soft and hardwood, but usually softwood is preferred as the latter is expensive and tough to shape. This furniture can be used in homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants.
Materials and Directions
~ Lumber
~ Saw
~ Nails and Screws
~ Hammer
~ To start making a wooden bookcase, cut two lumber planks in dimensions larger than the rest of planks, to make these the side stands. these will hold the entire case, so make sure they are thick and larger in size.
~ Cut the rest of the planks in smaller dimensions, so that they fit horizontally on the side planks. You can choose the number of shelves you would want in the case.
Wooden bookcase
~ Once these are done, with the help of a hammer and screws, nail the horizontal planks to the two vertical ones to create the shelves for your books. Make sure they are fixed well and the nails are drilled in properly.
~ Polish the wood surface and varnish it to give the final touch. Straighten the bookcase and check if the vertical planks are strong enough to hold the entire structure.
Hardwood Project: Picture Frame
There are many other wooden appliances and objects which are used daily in the kitchen. Spoons, plates, platters, bowls, cups, glasses, ice cream scoops, holders, bath upgrades, picture frames, tool boxes, pen stands, pens, lawn ornaments, and wind chimes are a handful of these items. You could also make wooden toys (cars, trucks, trains, boats, bikes, bicycles, etc), clocks, vases, portrait frames, and gardening ornaments. These are very interesting things which can be made from a variety of wood like teak, oak, palm, and many types of hardwood.
Materials and Directions
Wooden pieces
~ Wooden pieces
~ Hot glue or Nails
~ Saw/Cutter
~ To make wooden frames, you have to first obtain four pieces of wood or lumber.
~ Measure the dimensions of the picture you want to make the frame for, or you can make a frame and then find a picture that suits its dimensions.
Wooden frame
~ You can either glue each of its ends together or nail them, to get a square frame.
~ Once you are done, paint or polish the frame surface and place the picture inside the frame. Also make an arrangement to either hang the frame on the wall or stand it on a flat surface.
With these choices, you can pick out many useful things to make as well as get made. Wood is a wonderful possession to have as it looks great with any type of interior and also helps keep your finances healthy.
wood texture
wood texture