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A Host of Inspiring Wooden Craft Ideas You Will Enjoy Creating

Puja Lalwani Oct 13, 2018
The number of craft ideas that you can come up with wood as the primary material are immense. To inspire you, some have been mentioned here.
While some of us are born with the knack of creating beautiful handmade crafts, there are others who master this art over time.
Whatever the case, we are all aware in some way, of the therapeutic nature of creating something on our own. Similar is the case when it comes to creating different crafts.
Whether it is kids or adults, the fun of crafting is something we should all experience at least once. Among the various arts and crafts, a lot of people are looking for craft ideas for wood. Now before you assume that woodworking involves working with a saw and a drill machine, think again.
A lot can be done with wooden scraps, and while in some cases you may need the saw, it will be only for minimal work. Here, we bring to you a host of ideas for kids and adults alike, that you can create and enjoy!

Using Popsicle Sticks

Creating various arts and crafts with popsicle sticks is a good idea for craft. It only involves stored up wooden sticks and a strong glue to hold it up From coasters to picture frames, to pen stands and bird houses, there is so much to create with these wooden items.
Cut up the sticks neatly in halves and run a string through them to create a beautiful necklace. The string should be run through so that when worn, the sticks can be flat.
The sticks can be painted in different colors and designs, and you can also add beads of different sizes between each stick for further style. The sticks can also be cut up in different sizes for a funky look.

Using Wooden Spools

Wooden spools make for great craft items. Stack up as many spools you have to make beautiful candle holders. Paint them, and accessorize with ribbons, charms, beads, and motifs. Use them as gifts, or to make tall candle holders to light up your room.
Wooden dolls can also be made from smaller spools. By purchasing wooden balls available at crafts stores and painting them, the heads of the dolls can be made. Further, different fabrics and ribbons can be wrapped around the spools to make clothes for the dolls.

Using Wooden letters

You can make baby names with wooden letters and hang them on walls in nurseries. By decorating these letters with the right colors, you can make beautiful decorations for your little one.
Furthermore, the decoration of such letters needn't be limited only to babies' rooms. You can have a large letter that is the initial of your name hanging on your room door. Personalizing these letters based on your personality will make them a perfect expression of yourself.
In your room, you could also combine letters of different sizes to spell out your favorite quote. Here, you can instead decorate your wall as a unique backdrop and let the letters have a rustic, unfinished look.

Using Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons can be beautifully crafted to make interesting decorative pieces. Simply sand them a little to make them smooth, and create beautiful patterns with paint on them.
Use spoons of increasing sizes painted and hung on your walls in the kitchen or your dining room. Use deeper spoons, painted to hold potpourri on the center table of your living room. Enhance the edges with beads or use motifs to highlight the spoons.
With these craft ideas, you can easily create beautiful crafts for your home with wood. Use them to inspire yourself further and come up with better and more creative ideas.