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Wedding Ring Quilt Patterns That are Intricate and Magnificent

Girija Shinde Sep 27, 2018
Bedspreads, which have a design of rings entwined together, are called wedding ring quilt patterns. It requires a lot of effort to sew such designs, but they are worthwhile, as the finished product simply looks magnificent.
Quilts have been used throughout several centuries. They provide warmth, comfort, coziness, and even style. In the seventeenth century, this bedding material was a luxury, and only the rich could afford them. Before the industrial revolution, they were handmade.
Quilting was, and still is a hobby for many people. During the 1900s, whole cloth varieties were made. They consisted of a solid fabric including the top, the batting, and the backing, which were all sewed together.
After the industrial revolution, machine-made quilts became available and affordable to everyone. This was the time when different patterns emerged. Quilts which are made for daily use are simple in design, whereas, those made for special occasions like weddings or baby showers are colorful and flamboyant.
Quilts are also known as bedspreads, and those having wedding ring patterns on them are very popular. Basically, rings are a symbol of love and compassion. Such bedspreads come in different designs, namely single, BMA, and double quilt patterns. Their history can be traced back to the 20th century.
It is believed that this design was first used during the civil war; it symbolizes the actual wedding rings, which are exchanged by a couple during their wedding ceremony. It is one of those gifts, which is usually cherished by the bride and groom for many years.
These bedspreads can also be made in pastel or dark colors. They look beautiful, but they also need to be taken care of, as they are very delicate.

Single Ring Quilt Pattern

It is made up of 750 triangular pieces, and it's not used much. The double ring pattern is used more, but it's also much tougher to sew than the single one.

Double Ring Quilt Pattern

It is very popular, and there are many myths surrounding it.
Some of the most interesting ones include their usage as underground railway codes, or which had a double ring pattern, were used as a substitute for the real rings, when the couple couldn't afford them.
This design can be made for all bed sizes; a single bed, a double bed, a queen bed, or a king bed. These are made of the finest material, unlike the other quilt designs. They are gifted on special occasions, as they look superior than the other patterns
It is not compulsory to make circular designs only; you can also try other designs like triangles or hexagons. Just make sure that they are interlocked. The most important thing while designing this pattern is to make a perfect arch.
Generally, soft fabrics are used; don't use one that wrinkles easily. Cotton is the best material. After the arch is made, the next step is to sew on the curve. This can be a difficult job for beginners.
Nowadays, we get readymade quilt patterns in the market. Buy them, and replicate the designs with the help of a tracing paper. Don't forget: two different colored arcs are to be made, and then sewed together.