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Patterns for a Wedding Quilt That'll Keep You Warm in Winter

Sujata Iyer Sep 30, 2018
Finding the perfect pattern for a wedding quilt need not be a difficult task at all. Read to know more and choose the patterns you like.
Giving a couple a wedding quilt is one of the most personal common wedding gifts. It works best when gifted by someone who knows and has known the happy couple as individuals and as a couple.
Because it is only someone who has seen their journey evolving, who can encompass all the nitty-gritty of their life and put them together in something as simple and elegant as a wedding quilt. So, essentially, coming up with some beautiful and meaningful patterns for them is something that should be taken quite seriously.
Here, we give you some ideas that you can use and incorporate into the wonderful gift that you're about to bestow on the lucky couple.

Ideas for Wedding Quilts

When it comes to deciding on a particular pattern for a wedding quilt, all you need, apart from the material or a trusted person to make it, is some creativity, a sound knowledge of the couple's likes and tastes, and of course some practice to make the dream wedding quilt a reality.
After all, the quilt that you give them, apart from being a gift they simply cannot say no to, is also a reflection of the bind that you share with them. So, undoubtedly, it must be fabulous! Here are some ideas that may trigger your interest. Have a read and decide if you would like to pick any of them.


You're sure to have watched the movie 'Stepmom' with Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts, right? Well then you know exactly what this quilt pattern is about. You can collect different photographs of the couple.
From their childhood, to the mature and loving individuals that they are today. Single photographs and photographs as a couple. Black and white photographs will work best for this idea. Gather them and either sew them onto the quilt or you can have them digitally embedded into the quilt's fabric itself.


Another good idea for a pattern for a wedding quilt is the initials of the couple. You can have them sewed on in a gorgeous silk thread. You can also have huge cutouts in different fonts and styles and patterns and sew them on.
Another thing you can do is have all the members of both families sign the quilt and write the couple a message on the quilt by hand, using a good quality fabric paint or ink.

Wedding Rings

Two of the traditional wedding quilt patterns are the block pattern and the wedding ring pattern. There are so many ways in which you can incorporate wedding rings into a quilt.You can either have them embroidered all over the quilt in the traditional pattern.
Or you can try something unique. Sew on exact replicas of the actual wedding rings that the couple will be exchanging on their wedding day. For this, you'll definitely need photographs of the rings. Dazzle them with some touching inscriptions in embroidery on the rings on this quilt.


Another idea that you may find interesting is memories for the wedding quilt. If you've known even one person from the couple really well, then you definitely know some of the silly quirks that he or she may have. Or something that you know they treasure as a couple.
Make a list of these things. They could be things like a picture of the first movie they watched together, or the date and time when the proposal was made, or their favorite holiday destination, things like that. Find a way to use them in the quilt and you'll love their reaction!
Well, those were some fun and easy wedding quilt patterns that you can use in the quilt that you want to make for the happy couple. Put a lot of thought into its quilting, because it's going to be with them for quite some time.