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Easy Instructions for a Cuddly, Warm, and Soft T-Shirt Quilt

Pragya T Oct 8, 2018
With t-shirt quilt instructions, you can create great-looking quilts. Read on, to learn how to make a t-shirt quilt to recycle your old tees.
Don't feel like parting with your old t-shirts? Got too many old t-shirt, some are faded, some have stitching coming out, some even have holes..? Worry not, use the following instructions to create some interesting t-shirt quilt designs.
If you don't have time to make the quilts yourself, then there are many quilt makers and you can find them online. But, making the quilt pattern is a fun DIY project and with some materials you can make a great-looking quilt at home. Here are the steps you need to follow and the stuff you need.

How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt?

Things you require are:

  • T-shirts
  • Interfacing (fusible, woven type)
  • Cotton batting
  • Regular quilting cotton fabric
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Rotary cutter

Step #1: Layout Design

According to the number of t-shirts you have to design the layout. For example, if you have 12 tees, then they can be made into a 3 across and 4 down quilt pattern, and the quilt will be around 48 by 64 inches. So decide the across and down blocks number according to the availability of the number of t-shirts.

Step #2: Cleaning and Cutting the T-shirts

Wash all the t-shirts. If you have t-shirts which were never worn, then wash them twice. Now, take a cardboard sheet and cut out a square of size 15 inches, so that you have a frame. Make sure you make a perfect frame.
Now, place the frame on a t-shirt and using a pencil mark the 15 by 15 inches boundary on the t-shirt, and cut the square pieces of the t-shirt using a rotary cutter. Separate the front of the tee from the back. Try to avoid using any stained t-shirt, and take care to crop the front design of the shirt well.

Step #3: Cutting the Interfacing

You can get the pre-shrink fusible material if required. In a similar manner mentioned above, make a frame out of cardboard sheet, but the frame this time should be 2 inches larger so it will be 17 by 17 inches. Place the frame on fusing, mark the 17 by 17 inches size and cut out the square pieces of the fusing using a rotary cutter.

Step #4: Fusing

Read the manufacturer's instructions while fusing the t-shirt. Now, position the interfacing with the resin side down on the unprinted size of the t-shirt and try to center the design as much as you can. To avoid getting any glue on your iron, remember to use a press cloth. Take out all the wrinkles when ironing.

Step #5: Arranging the Blocks

Now, arrange the blocks in a pattern you like. Lay out the squares on the floor, and arrange the quilt pattern in such a way that you balance out the colors and designs well.

Step #6: Sewing the Blocks

Then keep sewing together the blocks in rows, which can be either vertical or horizontal. Insert the sashing pieces. Now, assemble the rows and then add the borders.

Step #7: Finishing

Then layer the backing and batting and the quilt top and baste or safety pin it together. You can quilt your quilt using a quilting machine or tie it to hold the layers together.
Once you know how to use interfacing and t-shirts to create a quilt, you can experiment with different t-shirt quilt ideas and patterns. You can try arranging the t-shirts in a diagonal pattern or in a random pattern to create more interesting quilts.