Best Stamp Collecting Software

Whether you are a beginner, or a professional stamp collector, having a stamp collecting software is always a good idea. It helps organize your stamps better. Scroll down to find out how.
HobbyZeal Staff
Technically, it is called 'philately'. But we, merely know it as stamp collection, although there is more to philately than just stamp collecting. Till recently, stamps were collected and organized manually. Still, it is done the same way, but technology has made this task a lot easier for stamp collectors. Earlier, stamps had to be categorized and organized, manually and very carefully. With technology and software springing in, the process becomes easier, quicker, and more authenticated.
A stamp collection software is primarily used for tracking and identifying stamps. This enables an enthusiast to get detailed information about the stamps. Before you zero in on a software, the most basic thing to check out is to see if the software is a product of a system which has been thought upon well. Pick one which organizes philatelic jargon and organizes data. The backup feature, too, must be considered while choosing the best software. You have to ensure that you can accomplish an automatic and comprehensive data backup.
Reviews of Stamp Collecting Software
A bit of research and keeping the above mentioned factors in mind, will help you strike the best deal. Here are some of the brands you can check out.
Software #1
Stamp Tracker is one of the most popular software used for authenticating stamps. It lets you store information about your stamps and helps you organize them as well. Yes, you can track and list information that includes the amount you paid for each stamp and simultaneously keep tabs on their current value. It also gives you the facility to write notes related to a stamp.
Software #2
Another very popular software is StampManage. It guarantees automatic data backup and allows you to keep a proper and complete record of your stamp collection. Moreover, the listings have been indexed by the Scott numbering system, making it more credible. Further, you would be surprised to know that this software comes with a plethora of information on close to 84,200 US, Australian, Canadian, Cuban, and UN Stamps. Wow! I think all the stamp collectors, young or old, should give this a try!
Software #3
When you talk about stamp collection software, leaving out EzStamp is just not possible. Akin to all others, it helps you organize, track, and value your collection. It has a stamp collection in 185 countries (255,200 stamps listed). It is also Scott licensed. If you want to use a free software, try EzStamp software demo.
Software #4
Yet another software is the Stamp Organizer Deluxe. It is simple to use and helps a stamp collector to list, catalog, and organize his or her stamp collection. A novice or a beginner in stamp collection, too, can use this software easily, as it is not loaded with complicated or confusing features.
Look up for these software on the Internet. Free stamp collecting software, too, can be found where you can just download them and have a great time organizing your stamps. A number of websites providing this facility will have a trial or a demo facility.