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Spiral Tie Dye Creations: Get it Right With These Instructions

Tulika Nair Mar 20, 2019
Synonymous with the hippie era, tie dye has been in existence for several centuries now. The instructions given here, will allow you to create spiral patterns using tie dye.
The origins of the art of tie dye cab be traced back to Peru where the style of fabric enhancement emerged in the 5th century AD. The African continent, Japan, and India are other regions where these techniques have been used for many centuries now.
This art became popular in the United States and the rest of the western world only in the 1960s with the hippies making it the must-have clothing item in their wardrobe. Today tie dye is often looked at as a fun, weekend activity to keep children occupied. There are many patterns that you can create. One of the most popular designs is the spiral.

How to Make Spiral Patterns with Tie Dye

If you have always been inspired by this staple of hippie fashion, then you will definitely want to know what instructions you need to follow in order to create a piece of clothing that has spiral patterns.
In case you want to paint a T-shirt, then you will need to following things.
  • White t-shirt (cotton)
  • Squirt bottle
  • Soda ash
  • Rubber bands
  • Latex gloves
  • Fabric dyes
  • Water
  • Plastic cling film
The first challenge that you will face will be to tie the fabric properly. In order to do so first place the fabric or t-shirt on a table and flatten it properly. Now decide where you want the center of your spiral design to be and pinch the cloth there.
Now you have to keep twisting the cloth till the entire fabric is completely twisted and takes on the shape of a flat disk or a pancake. The thickness of the cloth in this shape should not be more than two inches.
Now take the rubber bands that you have and put it around the fabric or T-shirt to keep the structure in place. The next step will be to dye the fabric according to the instructions given.
While dyeing the fabric, the first thing you will need to do is to create a solution using soda ash. The proportions for the same are 8 ounces of soda ash for every gallon of water. Next you will need to soak the fabric in the solution for ten to fifteen minutes.
Take the fabric out and squeeze out the solution. Now wear the latex gloves that you have. Prepare the dye according to the instructions provided with the guide. Fill the squirt bottle with the dye and then apply it on the fabric. You can apply the dye as you like, using a different color for different sections or using just one color.
While applying different colors try and stick to the order of the rainbow. This will make the blending of colors appear more natural. Avoid placing colors like purple and yellow together if you want to avoid seeping of colors.
Once you have applied the colors, wrap the fabric in a plastic cling film and allow it to rest for at least twenty four hours. This is very important. After a day, remove the fabric bag and rinse it in salt water.
This will remove all excess dye from the fabric. Squeeze the water out and let it dry in a shaded area. Experimenting with different tying techniques will allow you to create double spiral patterns as well.
While following instructions to tie dye shirts, always remember to use T-shirts that are made of 100% cotton, as other fabrics do not allow dyes to set properly. Also be careful while applying the dye, as you do not want to spoil the clothes you are wearing.