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Strangest Hobbies Around the World

Buzzle Staff Feb 15, 2019
The enjoyment of a hobby is truly in the eye of the beholder, but some hobbies are just so unusual that they get a reaction from just about anyone.
When it comes to hobbies, just about any of them can be considered unusual. For some, collecting coins or stamps or some other similar item may be the height of excitement, while others would receive no enjoyment from such a hobby at all.
Still others may like to bungee jump or hang glide to get their kicks, while their less adventurous counterparts would never even entertain such a notion. Regardless of your tendencies, there are probably some hobbies that you would definitely consider strange, and here is a look at some that we've deemed to be among the most unusual.

Taphophilia―Enjoyment of Graveyards

Taphophilia actually sounds like a disorder, not a hobby. In reality, taphophilia is simply a passion and enjoyment of cemeteries.
Sometimes erroneously described as 'grave hunters', these folks don't actually remove any items from graves or graveyards. They simply enjoy studying cemeteries and being in them. While many will reserve their trips for funerals and perhaps a scary Halloween trip, these hobbyists simply can't stay away for such long stretches.
For some, the fascination is with the macabre, while others simply enjoy the architecture of mausoleums, the shapes or headstones or the rich history that can be unearthed (no pun intended) when visiting a graveyard.

Beetle Fighting

Just about everyone has heard of dogfighting, a practice that, for good reason, is both illegal and considered immoral. For those who like to engage in beetle fighting, however, it is unlikely that any laws will be passed to protect these critters.
Beetles have a natural proclivity toward fighting, making them perfect instruments for such an endeavor and, as it turns out, there are actually people who like to fight beetles.

Carving Egg Shells

They say that you must be willing to break a few eggs to make an omelet. For those engaging in egg shell carving, this is doubly true. The absolute patience necessary to carve egg shells is astounding, as these items surely break frequently as masterpieces are being created.
Nonetheless, egg shell carving is a hobby enjoyed by some. The end result is sometimes nothing short of amazing, as some carvings are of such an intricate nature that one wonders how it was even possible―and how many egg shells were broken along the way.


More akin to something you may see on an adventure television show, noodling is the practice of swimming in creeks or rivers in search of holes in the shallows and in mud banks. Thereafter, the 'noodler' will shove his arm into the hole in the hopes that he's happened upon the home of a catfish.
Assuming he has, and that the catfish is nice and comfy in his home, it will latch on to the noodler's arm with its mouth in an attempt to protect its lair. If the noodler is able to haul the fish ashore (catfish can exceed 75 lbs.), success is achieved.
For those who don't like the idea of wading in muddy waters, or having prehistoric looking fish latched firmly onto their arm, a rod and reel may be a better option.
These were some strange hobbies that people have around the world―if you too have a hobby that is out of the ordinary, don't hesitate to let us know via the comments.