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A Fascinating Overview of the Interesting Process of Soap Making

Palmira S Apr 19, 2019
Soap making is an easy process that can be done at home, too. Read ahead to learn more...
Soap, a cleansing agent, is required by all of us in our day-to-day lives. If it can be made at home, we can save some money. Another benefit of making it at home is that we can add additives according to our wish and avoid the ones which have a negative effect. There are different soap making processes, like cold process, industrial process, etc.

How to Make Soap

Cold Soap

The ingredients required for this soap are olive oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil, lye, and water.
The first step is to pour some amount of lye in a container containing cold water. Stir it well so that lye dissolves completely in water. Place this solution aside and allow all the oils to melt completely. For this, you can pour them in a crock pot, and place the crock pot in the microwave for a few minutes.
After these oils melt completely, pour the mixture of lye and water to it. Make sure that you pour in the lye slowly. Allow the whole mixture to blend completely. After it has blended well, place the whole mixture on flame and allow it to warm.
Make sure that you place a lid over the container. After 15 - 20 minutes, put it off flame and put the required additives and mix again. With this, you complete the process of soap making.

Handmade Soap

The main ingredient in handmade soap is glycerin. With a utility knife, cut the glycerin block. Minimum four blocks of glycerin will be required.
In a double boiler, place the glycerin and allow it to melt till its form changes completely to liquid. After it has melted completely, place the pot containing glycerin on a hot pad. The next step is to add food dye and stir it till you get the desired color. More the dye you add, more opaque will be the liquid.
After that, you can add a few essential oils for the purpose of fragrance. Now, after adding the required additives, you can place the liquid in the soap molds and give the required shape to the liquid, thus completing the process of making the soap.

Liquid Soap

For making liquid soap, you will require two boilers (pot). Place the smaller pot in the larger one and pour some water in the larger pot. After that, add some amount of potassium hydroxide to the liquid.
Heat the water present in the lower pot. To this liquid, add preheated oils. Mix the oils well with water. After a few minutes, the mixture will blend well. With this, you complete the procedure of making liquid soap.
The mentioned soap making processes are easy and do not require much time. Before you start making them, make sure that you assemble all the materials required for the same. All the best for soap making!