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How To Sell Baseball Cards

Medha Godbole Feb 28, 2019
Only a true baseball fan knows the importance of baseball cards. It is only these fans who understand the pride that comes with owning them. So, if you are willing to part with your own collection of baseball cards, you might actually be making someone happy. Here is the various ways in which you can sell them off.
Baseball cards are printed normally either on paper stock or card stock. These cards have pictures of players and personalities related to the sport printed on them. Interestingly, these baseball cards go back a long time, even way before 1900. The cards are sorted in numerous categories and can be actually traded.
The cards have information about the person featured on them. This information might include their name, the team with which they are affiliated, their biographical information, and statistics about their baseball career.
Baseball cards were originally used as playing cards, but later, came to be used as trade merchandise as well. With time, trading baseball cards became widely prevalent as a huge business and so, arose the need to classify the cards into various categories.
If you are looking to sell your collection and make some money out of it, this information might just be able to help you. It gives you a few ways in which you can sell your baseball cards at a good deal and make some profit.
  • Chronology and order is the name of the game. So, start with arranging and organizing the cards on the basis of year and brand. Check if you can complete any set. Now, the cards which are not a part of a complete set, can be organized on the basis of team sets and baseball player groups.
  • See if you have a rookie card in the set, as it can fetch you a higher value. Even if you are not very sure about whether it is a rookie card, just keep it aside, you can confirm about its status later.
  • Then, according to the market rate, analyze a fair price for your cards. In order to be able to do this, you might need to refer to a baseball card trading related magazine. You can also subscribe to their online editions.
  • Once you have referred to the magazine and have a fair idea, start pricing your cards a little below the maximum value, for best results. According to the position of the prices, the high column is for highest rate of that card and the lower column is the lowest price at which the card is going to be sold.
  • To add to the value of your cards, get them professionally graded and then sell them.
  • In case your card has not been graded, check its condition. If a card has scratches, is torn or ripped in places, then you might have a hard time selling it at a good price.
  • After ascertaining that your cards are in a good condition, inquire with your local sports retailers, especially if you have some really valuable cards or have complete sets, and hope that they would be interested and enthusiastic about buying them.
  • Certain websites allow you to advertise your cards. You could use this option to market your collection or if you have too much on your plate, the best way would be to set up a booth in a sports or card store.
  • Usually it is advised that instead of selling a set, you should sell cards individually. That makes things a lot easier.
  • The advantage with selling one card at a time is that you get more money, although it could happen that you would be left with almost zero-value cards in the end.
  • When selling a set, you might sell the cards faster and with lesser efforts, but you would end up earning less money.
A very important thing to remember is that you should not sell the cards in set, unless you are in dire need of fast cash, as you might get paid less than individual collectors and buyers.
So that is all there is to it. Just maintain your cards in a proper condition and rest assured, that when the need to sell them arises, you will surely earn a good buck or two! Understand that even if you don't strike a high price deal, it is a hobby after all. So, don't forget to enjoy while you are at it.