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How to Make Resin Jewelry

Rutuja Jathar Mar 3, 2019
Making resin jewelry is an absolute fun activity that you can carry out with some easy DIY projects.
Resin is an excellent medium that provides endless thoughts and ideas when it comes to arts and crafts. Resin casting method is quite popular among hobbyists for making interesting resin jewelry.
It is a process wherein there are solidifying molds for resin. Resin jewelry molds have a hollow cavity of the desired shape that allows easy solidification of jewelry designs. Today various types of synthetic resin, like polyurethane resin, unsaturated polyester resin and epoxy resin, etc., are used for making this jewelry.
Resin is used as a varnish for making various beautiful jewelry items. This jewelry looks somewhat similar to beaded jewelry and you can also carry out beading with resin.

How to Make Resin Jewelry

Resin jewelry making is a really easy and creative hobby. You can create numerous jewelry items with resin. This fact makes it one of the most popular handcrafted jewelry items ever. Since resin quickly starts to set, you need to assemble all materials prior to the start of your project.

You can use magazine cut outs, plastic beads, fabric pieces and yarn, etc. for creating the resin collage. However, you need to coordinate the colors and size with each other. Here are some easy steps that you need to follow to make the resin collage for the jewelry.
✤ As the first step, take a glass container or a pan and add a layer of sand or rice (anything that suits you with the combination of your collage) in it.

✤ Now arrange all the pieces that you want to use in your collage. Make sure they are placed at as much an even level as possible.
✤ Once you are done, mix the resin as mentioned on the label. Necessarily mix it for two minutes or till the time it appears thick and bubbly.

✤ Now pour the resin on the collage in the box, with the help of the bottle dropper. If you pour resin above the rim, you will get a dome shape, but you need to pour the resin under the rim to get a concave shape.
If you find any air bubbles on the resin, then you can pop them with help of the lighter. It is important to not touch the resin until it gets completely dry. Make sure you use ample amounts of glue so that the resin doesn't fall apart from its case. Once the resin collage is ready, then you can wire it to create numerous jewelry items.

Jewelry Ideas

Well, once you learn the basic steps that are required for making resin jewelry, then you can implement numerous ideas on your own, with least amount of resources. You can use a sparing amount of glue to stick your resin jewelry pieces in a metal frame.
You can also make resin beads and wire them to make a beautiful bracelet, anklet or necklace. You can also create beautiful pendants with the resin collage, with various alphabets and small photographs, as this is also a creative way to gift resin jewelry to your loved ones.
You can also use a mixture of glitter and sand, to get a nice and glossy piece of jewelry. While using colored sand, can make it easy for you to create various jewelry forms like Gothic jewelry and Celtic jewelry.
However, there are a few precautionary measures that you need to take to avoid any accidents that can happen due to the synthetic resin. First of all, always carry out your resin jewelry making project in a place that has proper ventilation. You also need to wear latex hand gloves, a respirator and eyeglasses to protect yourself from the resin fumes.