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Quilted Table Runners That Lend an Old World Charm to Your Home

Rimlee Bhuyan Apr 17, 2019
To give your dining table an elegant look, you can use quilted table runners, that can even be made at home. Here's more.
One of the best ways to decorate a dining room is by using table cloths, table runners, and place mats.
Pretty table runners in different patterns and colors can give the dining area a homely and elegant look. There are numerous designs available, and you can purchase them from any store.
However, quilted table runners have always been among the favorites, and the best thing about them is that you can easily make them at home.
These are perfect for the winters, or when you are entertaining friends during the holidays. They lend an old world charm and warmth to your table decorations.

Quilted Table Runners Patterns

If you are fond of sewing, then making a quilted table runner would be very easy for you. For those who are new to quilting, making a table runner is the best way to start quilting, since the project is quite small. There are numerous patterns that you can choose from, and you can even download free patterns from the internet.
Having a pattern ready makes your work much easier and hassle free. When you choose a pattern, make sure that the fabrics you use have a harmonious color palette as well as design.
Combining too many big prints of fabric might give your table runner a very hotchpotch-y look. You can also use embellishments like lace edging, net, ribbons, beads, and sequins to give your quilt a more festive look.
As mentioned earlier, there are many different patterns that you can choose for table runners. Before discussing the different quilting patterns, it is important to know about tools for quilting.
For hand quilting, you need materials like quilting thread, embroidery floss, batting, backing fabric, scissors, rotary cutters and of course, the quilting fabrics. You can get all these supplies at your nearest hobby center or any craft store.
You can also use old scrap fabrics that you have around the house in place of quilting fabrics. Once you have all your supplies with you, the next step is to choose a pattern.
One of the simplest quilt patterns for beginners that you can use for making a quilted table runner is the block quilting pattern.
For this you can useĀ 3-5 different fabrics with a pleasing color palette. Cut the fabrics lengthwise into 2 to 4 inch strips, and then sew them together. The best fabric is cotton, although you can also use cotton mix. Since cotton has a tendency to shrink after it has been washed, it is always advisable to first pre-wash and iron the fabric before quilting.
Another pattern is to cut the fabric into little squares or triangles and then sew them together. You can work with different shapes to give the table runner a more elegant look.
You can work with different shapes to give the table runner a more elegant look. While sewing, make sure that the batting and the backing are aligned properly.
You can also combine applique quilting technique along with regular quilting for a more refined look. Other popular patterns that you can use are Amish, patchwork, rag, weave, and Hawaiian.
Special table runners for Christmas can be made and used during the holiday season. These can also be used as wall hangings as well as in nightstands. Now that you know how easy it is to make a quilted table runner, you can try making one for your home.