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Extremely Simple and Attractive Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Medha Godbole Oct 16, 2018
Quilt is a type of bedding, made of several layers with the art of quilting. Read this article for some easy quilt patterns for beginners.
Quilts come straight from the grandma's kitty. Oh! how I love those which my granny makes for me! They are warm, cozy, and perfect to get tucked into. The reason for them being warm is that they are made by attaching several layers with the art of quilting.
Now, people like my grandmother do not need patterns to make one. On the contrary, those who are amateurs need to refer to some. In case you are an enthusiast, these ideas might help you in getting a head start.

Beginner Quilting Patterns

Ragged Quilt

This is the easiest patterns. These quilts are cuddly, warm, and soft, and make excellent gifts. Even if you have zero experience, you will surely be able to prepare this one. There are basically patches in this pattern which are sewn together.
These patches look good if they are in a uniform arrangement of 5 fabrics in different colors. You need to be very fine with regards to the seam, and flannel batting should be perfect to sandwich the patches. The total size of a finished quilt usually is 38 ½" x 53 ½".

Fence or Rail

The instructions for this pattern are extremely simple. To start off, this has around 4 colors in a controlled color scheme. Each patch should be rectangular in shape, and 3 or 4 rectangles should be sewn together to form a square.
Then, the square needs to be laid out and sewn into the quilt top, with alternating horizontal and vertical stripes. Now, the result will either appear woven or will resemble stairs, based on how you place the light and dark fabric.

Red and Black

We have large blocks and design, so there is no chance of getting confused about the nitty gritties in this pattern. This is basically a small striped set quilt with 4 columns. These columns are made using large panels, surrounded by five less broad striped piece columns.
The fantastic part is that you can alter the fabric to make the quilt match any theme. The final measurement of the quilt is generally 59" x 63". However, you can alter the shape by tweaking the width or the number of borders.

Triangles or Geese

Again, this can be a cake-walk for the beginners. To start off, cut a number of triangle patches of different colors, but of same size. After you cut them, segregate them in light and dark colors.
You are almost halfway into making the quilt. Once you divide the triangles, sew these patches in alternating dark and light rows. This design looks good in only two colors, and is also called Thousand Pyramids.

Weaving a Basket

This is not a real basket weave, but it appears like one. Simply get hold of striped fabrics rather than piercing multiple stripes in each square, akin to a regular basket weave. While making the quilt blocks, alternate the stripes and their directional flow.
The result will appear like an actual basket weave, sans the extra sewing. Have colorful and whacky patterns to make an attractive quilt for the little ones.
This was just a trailer. The key is to keep the design as simple as you can. For that purpose, choose big block patterns and pick designs that involve large blocks, big patches, columns, and the likes.