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Instructions That'll Ease the Process of Quilt Binding for You

Palmira S Mar 23, 2019
Need to bind a quilt and require instructions for the same? Here, we will give you exactly that. Continue reading to know how to go about making these quilts.
Quilts provide the much-needed protection against cold, and help in leading to sound sleep. While you could easily buy these, they aren't really difficult to make either--in fact, making these at home is worth your time and efforts.
It is suggested that beginners start by making baby quilts and then move onto the larger ones. Before you start making the quilt though, a few quilt binding instructions should be known as it will ease your process.

How to Bind a Quilt

  • The materials you will require to bind a quilt are pins, sewing needles, and threads which will match with the color of the cloth of the quilt.
  • Cut 2.5 inch binding strips across the full width of the fabric.
  • Sew all these strips together. The strips should be placed in such a way that the ends of the strips form a 90 degree angle. Sew these in a diagonal manner and trim the end of the strips. The finished strip should be 12 inch longer than the quilt from all the sides.
  • Start folding the strips in such a way that the starting point of the strip forms a 45 degree angle.
  • Let the strips face the outside, then fold half of its length. In order to give a binding stability, spray the strip with starch and press it.
  • Now, with the help of safety pins, pin the strip to the quilt. Lay the binding strip in front of the quilt. Pin it in such a way that the right sides are together and the edges are even.
  • Next, start with the procedure of sewing the binding to the quilt. Start from the beginning and then gradually move towards the end. Before you remove the quilt, back stitch it.
  • Lay the quilt onto a flat surface and then fold the binding strip such that it forms a 90 degree angle with the quilt top.
  • Then fold the strip such that the raw edge of the strip is even with the raw edge of the quilt. After that, start stitching. Continue the same till you are ΒΌ inch away from the next corner.
  • Repeat the given two steps on all the sides. When on the last side, stop when you are 8 inches away from the end. Back stitch the whole thing.
  • You can trim the excess length from all sides. Stitch the final section of the binding to the quilt.
  • Turn the binding strip over the edge of the quilt. In order to form neat miters, fold the binding on all the corners.
  • You can make use of pins in order to attach the strip back to the quilt.
  • The back of the binding should be slip stitched to the back of the quilt. This should be done by hand.