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15 New Hobbies to Try in 2015

A new year brings new possibilities, new promises, and renewed hope. It also is a chance to live your dreams, fulfill long-held desires, and try new things. Do you also want to make the most of the new year yet don't really know what kind of new hobbies to try? This Buzzle article will take you through a great list of activities that you can dabble in and enjoy.
Budgeting Your Hobbies

Your finances are an important factor to keep in mind when picking out any new hobby. Choose hobbies or activities that do not put a strain on your pocket.

The new year is here, ladies and gentlemen, and with that will come in the regular burst of some renewed, some rehashed, and some absolutely fresh new year resolutions. You'll make lists, and as it usually happens, will probably watch the resolutions slip by as the days of January turn into February, and then into March, and so on and so forth. And then, you will promise yourself never to take up resolutions again, because, what's the point.

So instead of going down the familiar road, stop right there and listen to the superbly-awesome plan we have cooked up for you―don't make new year resolutions, take up hobbies! Not only is it a nice twist to the resolution deal, but it's also a great way to ensure that you get to do what you want to do in the most fun way imaginable.

The following Buzzle write up is for those of you who want to try something new this coming year, and are not sure what to try their hands at. Presenting, the new hobbies to try in 2015.

My Picks for 2015

The activities that we've listed below are a great mix of those that will improve your fitness and others that will add to your varied skill sets. And hey, you don't have to limit yourself to just one, you can take up as many hobbies as you like.

1. Go Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing

Now this one's an all-rounder―that's how we like to refer to it. There is so much that this single activity promises. Seriously. There's your fitness that's taken care of with the climbing (and how!), plus there's pretty much a guarantee of a scenic view of the valley (or even just the city) down under that's waiting to greet you once you're all the way up. Take it nice and slow, and don't aim for the top right from the word go. Get a few friends to join in on this adventure, and you're golden on the 'good times' front. And who's to say that once you're done capturing this particular mountain, you won't move to a more challenging task? I see fun times ahead, people.

2. Learn to Fly a Plane

Flying plane

Oh hell, yeah! Learning to fly a plane is not your regular run-of-the-mill hobby, that's for sure, it's pretty mind-blowingly awesome. And guess what, it's not something that is impossible to take up either. If you're really interested, you can even go so far as training to earn a flying license; of course, you need to be dedicated and consistent. If that's not your intention though, even a few flying lessons is anytime more thrilling than anything else you will take up. Some government agencies give flying lessons at a subsidized rate that works in much cheaper than those offered by other private agencies; which is what you can opt for if you're on a tight budget. So, if this is something that you see yourself doing, do a little research about the options that are available in your area and just sign up.

3. Take Up Dancing

Girls dancing to music

The thing with dancing is that it does so much more for you than just teach you some moves. It's a great way to instill some balance and poise in your life, it helps relieve tension and stress, it brings in some great exercise, and it boosts your confidence and makes you happy. That's right, it does all that. Whether you're dancing with abandon to the latest hip hop number or are being swirled across the ballroom by your dance partner, just the rush of trying and mastering something new is enough to take the edge off the otherwise monotonous routine that sets in.

4. Learn a New Language

Students in class

If you like challenging yourself from time to time, learning a new language might just be what you're looking for. Not only will it enhance your skill sets, but will also open plenty of other opportunities. Like, did you know that learning a new language is a great way to keep those brain cells sharp? And also, what about the fact that you'll be learning about a whole new culture, its cuisine and people, and more? While you can take up an online course, joining a class has its own advantages, you meet new people, there are activities planned. So much fun.

5. Join a Cycling Club...

Group cycling

... provided of course that you adore cycling. In this crazy, traffic-filled life of drudgery, cycling could bring you a little joy in life. And when you join a club, that's double the fun. How? Well, there's a huge group to huff and puff along with you, and to do all that calf-muscle-comparing and what not, but more than that, a group keeps you motivated and ensures that you don't give up. Did we forget to mention that cycling is a great way to stay in shape ... or get in shape? 'Cause it is.

6. Travel Over the Weekends

Couple looking at map

So much awesomeness packed in this one. You see, don't you? Not only will you be seeing a new place every weekend (or those weekends that you can manage), but it will also teach you a lot of other things―budgeting, for instance, if you're going to manage all those trips, or reading up on the cuisine and activities to take up once there. This is a very enriching experience, and it makes you street smart, to say the least.

7. Take Up Horse Riding

Woman riding horse

This one's not for everyone, we agree, but for those who may be keenly interested in this activity right here, there's nothing quite like it that will get you your adrenaline rush, your thrill. Riding a horse and zipping past in one blur of a moment, now that's something that will make all those lessons worth it. Also, a bonus? It's a great way to stay in shape.

You know how you're always looking up in awe at people who are doing something you've always wanted to try? Like running the marathon, or learning how to cook? This is the year, you're going to do it too. Just throw caution to the long list of 'what ifs' and 'should haves' and just go for it. Be it taking music and instrument lessons, or learning how to sew, let this year be your year to shine. Here are some hobbies that you can try:

8. Birdwatching
9. Stargazing
10. Yoga
11. Martial arts
12. Starting a book club
13. Making your own jewelry
14. Brewing beer
15. Learning calligraphy

Are you ready to get the new year rolling with these fantastic ideas for hobbies? Each one of these activities, we're sure, will give you an enriching and unforgettable experience, not to disregard the memories you will amass. So what's stopping you from making 2015 the best year ever?