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15 New Hobbies to Try in 2019

Rujuta Borkar Dec 17, 2018
Here we will take you through a list of activities that you can dabble in and enjoy!
A new year brings new possibilities, new promises and renewed hope. It also is a chance to live your dreams, fulfill long-held desires and try new things. You want to make the most of the new year, yet don't really know what kind of new hobbies to try?
The following information is for those of you who want to try something new this coming year, and are not sure what to try their hands at. Presenting, the new hobbies to try in 2019.

Picks for 2019

The activities that we've listed here are a great mix of those that will improve your fitness and others that will add to your varied skill sets. And hey, you don't have to limit yourself to just one, you can take up as many hobbies as you like.

Go Mountain Climbing

Now this one's an all-rounder―that's how we like to refer to it. There is so much that this single activity promises.
There's your fitness that's taken care of with the climbing, plus there's pretty much a guarantee of a scenic view of the valley (or even just the city) down under that's waiting to greet you once you're all the way up. Take it nice and slow, and don't aim for the top right from the word go.
Get a few friends to join in on this adventure, and you're golden on the 'good times' front. And who's to say that once you're done capturing this particular mountain, you won't move to a more challenging one?

Learn to Fly a Plane

Oh hell, yeah! Learning to fly a plane is not your regular run-of-the-mill hobby, that's for sure. It's pretty awesome. And guess what, it's not something that is impossible to take up either.
If you're really interested, you can even go so far as training to earn a flying license; of course, you need to be dedicated and consistent. If that's not your intention though, even a few flying lessons are anytime more thrilling than anything else you will take up.
Some government agencies give flying lessons at a subsidized rate that works in much cheaper than those offered by other private agencies; which is what you can opt for if you're on a tight budget. So, if this is something that you see yourself doing, do a little research about the options that are available in your area and just sign up.

Scuba Diving

Always wondered what lies beneath the deep sea waters? Scuba diving is a great way to explore and experience it.
You might have seen people doing this on television or YouTube and thought about doing it yourself. You should take it one step ahead now and join a club of scuba divers.
If that sounds a little offbeat, just make a list of waters in which you would love to dive and then look for scuba diving instructors near those water-bodies, who know those areas well. Scuba diving can be both thrilling and exciting at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Just go for it!

Martial Arts

Are you a die-hard fan of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa, Cyril Raffaelli or other such superstars who are simply too good with martial arts?
If yes, you must have surely thought while watching one of their movies ... “I wish I could do some moves like them!” Well, it is never too late to do things that you love doing.
You can take it seriously at any point of time in your life and get yourself trained. Learning martial arts involves rigorous training and intensive workouts which keep you fit. Be mentally prepared! What more? It is always beneficial to learn a few moves. You never know when you could need them in today's world.


Does your mind take you to the stars and other planets often? It's time to buy a telescope and start gazing at the stars and observing them. You might find out something nobody could find out so far and it could be absolutely mind-blasting.
You could spot a space ship or simply spot an alien somewhere up there. We are just kidding about this one. But you could simply explore a few things about stars and planets, and the patterns they form.


Are you a foodie and love to taste the various delicacies? You can try making them yourself instead of having to buy them and definitely save a few bucks, plus make it the way you like it. Cooking is also a very useful hobby, especially if you are living by yourself.
Cooking can be an excellent stress buster ... unbelievable, right? And what's the best part of it? When you make it yummy, you feel a sense of accomplishment. Ready to go to your kitchen and add some flavors to your life?

Art / Craft

Painting is a lovely hobby to add some beautiful colors to your world. If you have a good understanding of aesthetics, you must have certainly thought about taking up painting or sketching.
You may have dropped the idea due to other priorities and time constraints. You should definitely reconsider doing it now. If art isn't your cup of tea, you could also go for crafts. In both the cases, learn the basics well and later it is up to you to create wonders with your wonderful imagination.

Take Up Dancing

The thing with dancing is that it does so much more for you than just teach you some moves.
It's a great way to instill some balance and poise in your life, it helps relieve tension and stress, it brings in some great exercise, and it boosts your confidence and makes you happy.
Whether you're dancing with abandon to the latest hip hop number, or are being swirled across the ballroom by your dance partner, just the rush of trying and mastering something new is enough to take the edge off the otherwise monotonous routine that sets in.


Who doesn't want to have stylish handwriting? Calligraphy helps you make your handwriting look more and more beautiful with every single font you practice, as you keep learning this art of writing.
Now a days, people depend more on computers when it comes to fonts. Computers do it with the highest accuracy and precision. However, writing something with your own hands, be it a greeting card or simply a letter adds a personalized touch and brings a smile on the face of the person receiving it.

Learn a New Language

Do you like challenging yourself from time to time? Learning a new language might just be what you're looking for.
Not only will it enhance your skill sets, but will also open plenty of other opportunities for you.
Did you know that learning a new language is a great way to keep those brain cells alert? Also, what about the fact that you'll be learning about a whole new culture, its cuisine and people, and more? While you can take up an online course, joining a class has its own advantages, you meet new people, there are activities planned. So much fun!

Join a Cycling Club

In this crazy, traffic-filled life of drudgery, cycling could bring you a little joy in life. And when you join a club, that's double the fun. How?
Well, there's a huge group to huff and puff along with you, and to do all that calf-muscle-comparing and what not, but more than that, a group keeps you motivated and ensures that you don't give up. Did we forget to mention that cycling is a great way to stay in shape ... or get in shape?

Travel Over the Weekends

So much awesomeness packed into this one! You see, don't you?
You will be seeing a new place every weekend (or those weekends that you can manage), which will also teach you a lot of other things―budgeting, for instance, if you're going to manage all those trips, or reading up on the cuisine and activities to take up once there. This is a very enriching experience, and it makes you street smart, to say the least.

Take Up Horse Riding

This one's not for everyone, we agree, but for those who may be keenly interested in this activity right here, there's nothing quite like it that will get you your adrenaline rush, your thrill!
Riding a horse and zipping past in one blur of a moment, now that's something that will make all those lessons worth it. Another bonus... it's a great way to stay in shape.


Yoga is an awesome methodology to relax your mind, body, heart, and soul. It makes you healthy, boosts your brain cells, takes away fatigue, keeps you in good shape, improves metabolism and the list is just never ending.
It is also the most scientific way to exercise without having to work out rigorously at the gym.
It simply keeps you fit without making you tired and all that you need to start is a yoga mat and a pair of clothes in which you can easily twist and turn your body. You can start off by joining yoga classes or if you are confident enough, simply look at some videos on the internet and do it yourself.

Starting a Book Club

If reading is one of your hobbies and you consider yourself a voracious reader, surely you would have friends who share the similar interests as you do.
If not, you can simply post some advertisements on websites and find out people who share similar interests as you do and include them in your club. You can discuss about your favorite books. Planning which books to buy and later exchanging them is also a smart thing to do. Your club could turn out to be a super-hit and make you famous too.
Are you ready to get the new year rolling with these fantastic ideas for hobbies? Each one of these activities, we're sure, will give you an enriching and unforgettable experience, not to disregard the memories you will amass. So what's stopping you from making 2019 the best year ever?
You know how you're always looking up in awe at people who are doing something you've always wanted to try? Like running the marathon, brewing beer, making their own jewelry, photography, bungee jumping, skating, sewing or simply bird watching?
This is the year, you're going to do it too. Just throw caution to the long list of 'what if's' and 'should have's' and just go for it. Be it taking music and instrument lessons or learning how to sew, let this year be your year to shine.