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How to Make a Neck Roll Pillow That Can Help Alleviate Your Pain

Saptakee Sengupta Apr 20, 2019
A neck roll pillow works extremely well if you are regularly suffering from neck pain due to inappropriate height and weight of pillows. You can slide a neck roll pillow just below your neck and feel the difference in comfort. Read on...
If you face problems using the regular forms of pillows, then probably you need a neck roll pillow to support your neck and head simultaneously. Unlike the square shaped pillows, neck pillows are cylindrical shaped that offer comfort to your neck while placing it just below your neck.
It is actually rolled underneath your neck so that you can glide your head from over it. Using the correct size of neck pillows prevents neck pain and other minor problems associated with it. Making a neck pillow is quite easy if you know how to make a pillow.

Making a Neck Roll Pillow

A neck roll pillow should not be confused with a travel neck pillow that is meant for supporting the head while traveling. These pillows for sleeping are easy to make owing to its shape and simple patterns. All you need is a piece of fabric, sewing needle and the stuffing material for the pillow.
• First you need to know how to make a pillow case and stitch the pillowcase for the neck pillow. Take the measurement, which will offer maximum comfort. Cut a single piece of cloth of the same size to make the pouch. Since the pillowcase is cylindrical in shape, you have to attach an additional cloth from the bottom to hold the stuffing material inside it.
• Fold the fabric vertically from the center and start stitching the wrong side of the fabric from only one side. This will form the open ended pouch. Now, fix or stitch the smaller piece from the bottom to close one end.
• Make a panel by folding at least two inches of cloth from the seam to pass the thread for closing the open end after it has been stuffed. Now you need to decide the neck roll pillow insert that will provide you good support.
• You can stuff the pillow with synthetic cotton or pure cotton. People also prefer using microbeads, since they are extremely light and are good for relieving neck pain. After filling the pillow, draw the thread through the panel and tie it tightly. You can also stitch the open end in the same way as you have closed the bottom of the pillow.
• This completes the pillow. Cover the pillow with custom-made pillow cover, or you can sew it in the similar way. You can also add embroidery works to the pillows for making attractive pieces of home decorative materials.

Neck Roll Pillow Patterns

The basic pattern is the same. However, custom-made pillow covers are readily available at upholstery stores and online shopping portals. You can pick up the designs according to your choice. The cylindrical pillow forms can also be used as side pillows for supporting your legs.
If you browse the Internet, you will come across a wide range of patterns for neck roll pillows and pillow covers. Some brands sell these pillows at wholesale prices and you can purchase them at a much cheaper rate. Apart from using them as home decorative pieces you can also use them for supporting your neck.
Here are a few god brands that can be bought for this purpose.

• Invacare Cervical Roll Pillow
• Alex Long Cervical Roll Pillow
• Buckwheat Cervical Roll Pillow
• Jobri M60-215-00 Round-A-Bout Cervical Pillow
• Body Sport Jackson Roll
• Microbead Roll Neck Smoosh Me Tavel Pillow
• Alex Convoluted Cervical Roll Pillow
We would suggest you to purchase a neck roll pillow from online portal if you have problems of neck pain while sleeping. Do not stuff it more than its capacity because this will make the pillow heavier, and you will face difficulty in adjusting it beneath your neck. Follow the procedure explained in the earlier mentioned content to sew it at home.