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Basic Information on the Highly Fascinating Art of Model Making

Shashank Nakate Oct 13, 2018
Model making is creating miniature forms of objects like buildings, vehicles, ships, etc. Tap through for more information about it.
Model is a depiction of an object in its miniature form. They are the scaled down models of buildings, vehicles or ships. Nowadays, model are made using computers which are two dimensional. Model building is widely used in businesses and also for the sake of exploring creative skills.

The Art of Model Making

The basic thing to master in this is scaling down the real object. It means that the factor of proportion is taken into account while preparing models.
When models of large areas models have to be assembled, the fixed scale is distorted for the ease of making models.

» Scale Model

The scale model, as stated earlier, is a physical representation of a particular object in a miniature form. The model is made in proportion to the original object.
Scale modeling has various applications in fields like architecture, engineering, and film-making. It is also used for the purpose of sales/promotion.
The process of evaluating the look of a construction beforehand, becomes easy with the help of models.
Automobile engineers require models of various designs to test performance in the initial stages. This activity saves time and money by correcting any faults/defects and making the required changes.
They are also used for film-making. It is not always possible to build life-size models to shoot difficult sequences. In such cases, scale models come handy.

» Railway Model

Railway models have been in use for a long time. Scale for these models ranges from 1:8 to 1:450. It means that smallest models have size in centimeters, while the larger ones can be up to 3 meters long. The HO scale (1:87) is commonly used for this type of scaling. Just like railway models, ship models are also built on large scale.

Tools and Supplies

Number of tools needed, depend on the complexity and intricacy of the model. Knives and drills are basic and vital tools for making models. With development in technology and urbanity of the activity, more advanced tools are used. Main tools required are drills, blades, saw-frames, rotatory tools, pliers, screwdrivers, carvers, tweezers, glue and scissors.

Availability of Jobs

Construction sectors offer model making jobs that include models of shopping centers, schools, offices,  housing sectors etc., for architects. They are crucial in presentations as they are used as blueprints of the proposed project.
Model making jobs are mainly available in the construction sector. The job description includes making models of shopping centers, bridges, schools, housing developments, office buildings, etc., for architects. Models are an important aspect of presentations, where they are used as plans or blueprints of the proposed constructions.
Architectural companies hire model makers with desired skills. Not every architectural company hires a model maker on a permanent basis. One should have an eye for detail and a steady hand to become successful in this field.
This art is not just an hobby anymore. A model maker can earn a decent income by making commercial use of his skills. There are many opportunities in this field and a person with necessary skills and passion for this art should definitely take up this profession.