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Macrame Knot Instructions

Sheetal Mandora Apr 14, 2019
Making macrame knots is easy, once you have the correct instructions. Read on to find easy-to-follow steps to learn 3 beautiful-looking knots.

Half Knot

  • Before we get to the instructions, collect the material―3 cords (red, light blue, and white), safety pin, and a cardboard.
  • Take all 3 cords in your hand, and tie a secured knot on top, leaving just a little bit of string. Use the safety pin to fix the strings on the cardboard.
  • Arrange the cords in this pattern from right to left―red, light blue, white. Take the red cord on the right, and bring it over the light blue cord.
  • Next, take the red cord underneath the white cord on the left side. So you will first go over, and then under.
  • Now take the white cord, bring it under the light blue cord, and go up through the loop you just made from the red cord.
  • In the end, pull both red and white cords tightly to complete the knot. Make sure that this knot is as close to the first secured knot we made.
  • In the same manner, keep making knots for as long as you want.

Cat's Paw Hitch

  • Before we get to the macrame instructions, collect the material―a cord (your choice of color), and the object you want to attach this knot on.
  • Here, we will use a ring. So take the ring in your hand, and you will require to make a loop first.
  • Place the ring on the table, and fold a 12" cord in half.
  • Slide the middle part (where the cord is in half) through the hole, and then underneath it.
  • Now take the right end of the cord, and bring it up and over the ring. Wrap it 3 times over the right section of the cord.
  • Make sure that the wrapping is done from inside to outside. After you make the third wrap, the cord will come inside.
  • Follow the same instructions for the left end of the cord. Make 3 wraps on the left side as well.
  • In the end, all you have to do is pull on left and right ends so that the knot you just made will get tight. Slide the knot as upward as you can.
  • You can use this knot to mount the macrame cords to a particular object. This comes in handy while making a necklace or attaching the cords to any rings or lampshade frames.

Chinese Snake Knot

  • Before we get to the instructions, collect the material―2 cords (yellow and dark blue), and scissors.
  • Cut both cords at 36" long, and place them vertically in front of you. Keep yellow cord on right, and dark blue cord on left.
  • Take the yellow cord, and make a clockwise loop with it. You will begin from the end of the cord, and leave about 4" space from the end.
  • Take the yellow cord under the dark blue cord, and then over it. This makes a loop. Take the yellow cord's end after this loop downwards.
  • Here, you will see that the shape is similar to a fish's head along with the tails. Take the top part of dark blue cord, and make a loop.
  • To do this, make a clockwise circle as you take the cord underneath the yellow cord's top tail (shape of the fish), and then over the bottom tail. Pull all 4 ends of both cords to make a secured knot.
  • Again take the yellow cord, bring the end underneath the left tail, which is below the knot you made, in a clockwise manner. Take the end of the cord downwards, and secure this loop by tightening the left cord.
  • Here, it may get tricky, but pay close attention. Turn your knot over so that the right yellow cord becomes your left yellow cord.
  • Now take the right dark blue cord to pass it underneath the left yellow cord. Again go underneath the tail, and tighten it.
  • After you have made this knot, you will begin the same thing all over again.
  • You can use this knot for making a necklace, bracelet, or a purse handle.
These instructions can be used while making friendship bracelets, necklaces, decorative fixtures, and other embellishments. For any decorative or jewelry purposes, these macrame knots sure please the eyes.