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Macrame Bracelet Patterns

Making macrame bracelets by yourself is easy.
Rohini Mohan Sep 30, 2018
Macrame is a style of making elaborate textile works using different knot tying techniques. It uses materials such as hemp, leather, yarn, cotton or twine. It was developed by sailors so as to hang items but later gained popularity among them.
The types of knots used in macrame are the square knot and hitching knots such as the full and half hitches. Macrame can be used to make almost anything such as art and crafts items such as handbags, dolls, bracelets, toys, knotted purses to even hammocks.

Instructions for Making Macrame Bracelet Patterns

The pattern we are going to show you now is one of the easiest and is great for simple jewelry making. There are some extremely complicated and gorgeous ones as well, though to begin with the easiest would be better to get a deeper understanding of this knot making technique.

Method 1

Step 1: Take two jute strings. One should be 12 times the total length of the bracelet you wish to make. While the other string should be 2.5 times the total length of the bracelet to be made.

Step 2: Fold the two strings equally.
Step 3: Tie a loop at the end of each string while leaving the other tip free.

Step 4: Fit the loop to bangle or a plain stick. Now tie a knot at the top of the string while leaving enough space for a bead.
Step 5: As you pull the longer string tighter, also slowly tug at the shorter string. Place the shorter string to the center and the longer one outwards.

Step 6: Now start making the square knots. You can even use the easier spiral or plain knots.
Step 7: You can decorate it with beads or make a simple bracelet. The beads will need to be placed in between the knots at regular intervals if you want it to have a uniform and attractive look.

Step 8: When you reach the end of your strings, tie the final knot and cut off the strings. One of your macrame bracelet patterns is ready!

Different Patterns

Following are some of the most attractive patterns, that can be made using square knots. These will need practice to master the different techniques.
For example the following design techniques will be easier to make using jute or hemp :
  1. Spiral Stitch
  2. Square Knot Sennits
  3. Square Knot Button
  4. Square Knot Picot Designs
  5. Alternating Square Knots
  6. Alternating V Patterns
  7. Snowflake Design

These patterns can also be used to make many other items such as wall hangings and newspaper holders.

Hemp Macrame Bracelet Patterns

For this, you need to have a good quality roll of hemp as some break easily. Follow the instructions to make your larks head knot and square knots hemp bracelet.

Method 2

Step 1: You will firstly need to bend the hemp cords in such a way that the loop is made with the ends of the hemp cord aligned side to side.

Step 2: Take a stick or pen and fit the loop on top of the stick. The loop's end should be an inch above the stick.

Step 3: Cover the stick with the loops upper part.
Step 4: Now carry the cord ends through the loop and tug at the ends to make the larks head knot.

Step 5: The next step is to wound one of the end of the cords, around one of your fingers, make sure that this cord is away from the knot.

Step 6: Now loop another cord on a separate finger.
Step 7: Now keep looping the cords on your two fingers simultaneously till you finish tackling the cords into a web like structure.

Step 8: Now tightly tie all the loops together with a big bead or silver thread.

Step 9: Now tightly tie all the loops together with a big bead or silver thread.

Step 10: Repeat the same webbed looping with the other cords tip.
Step 11: Slide the right cord across the left one.

Step 12: You should try to form a heart-shaped alignment with the cords while being placed one over the other.

Step 13: Now pull the cord end together to make a square knot.
Step 14: Now proceed the cord looping from left to right cord, to make the one cord over the other heart-shaped loop.

Step 15: Again pull to make square knots, these will look like they are ascending upwards.

Step 16: One of our hemp larks head macrame bracelet patterns is ready.
These bracelets look spectacular when completed and also gives a sense of accomplishment. You can make lovely friendship bracelets using macrame. You can easily decorate your bracelet by using various colored strings and beads, shells or even feathers to make it look more attractive.