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Easy Time-saving Ideas and Patterns for Machine Quilting

Fatima Rangwala Oct 30, 2018
The ideas for quilting aren't limited. There are a mixed bag of quilt patterns broadly ranging from holiday themes to artistic designs. Here are a few challenging quilting patterns for beginners.
The ritual of quilting for the winter season is of Egyptian origination. Earlier, it was a tradition that women would spend ample time sewing and making warm clothes for the season.
Even today, quilting machines are used for sewing. Workers use them for an ease of struggle to sew an entire quilt in the fastest and easiest form.

Quilting Machine

A normal sewing machine is used to make quilts. They are stitched in patterns, using several methods. These are applied in layers of batting and fabric just like an old-fashioned style of hand quilting.
It falls into two categories, namely, free-motion (feed-dogs covered or dropped) and machine guided (feed-dogs up or heirloom). The latter is used for straight and curved line stitching, while the free motion ones are used for stars and stippling patterns.

Quilting Techniques

There are the three layers on the quilt. The top, the batting, and the backing fabric. These are held together with safety pins. Also, the normal presser foot is replaced by the feed walking foot attachment. And thus, the quilt is stitched in a straight line. The feed-dogs up controls the machine's stitch length setting.
Quilting is quite an affordable and creative craft to take up as a hobby or profession. Once you learn how to sew quilts on the machines, the sewing is much faster than hand-sewing. Before starting off with a project, it would be best if you decided on some fancy patterns for an efficient process.

Types of Designs

  • Easter Themes
  • Patriotic Themes
  • Christmas Themes

Amish Designs

Artistic Designs

Baby Themes

Landscape Themes

Backyard and Garden Themes


Beginner's Quilt

Gather two yards of fabrics and one piece of batting. Let the batting be of the same size. If you cannot arrange for batting, gather four yards of muslin. Wash all the pieces of fabrics to check if they impart any sort of colors. Iron the fabrics after the wash. (In case of muslin fold it half, and half to maintain the same shape).
Most vital part is to stack the fabrics. Ensure both the fabrics are on the right side out (the printed side out), and muslin or batting is at the bottom of the stack. Use the quilt machine to sew all the sides of the fabrics. Now turn the project inside out through the hole.
Check that the printed side has to be the front and back of the quilt. On the other hand the muslin or batting is in the inside. Assure all the stitches on all the layers, run the stitches again if necessary.
The last part of your project includes sewing the open part. Match the thread with your fabric and sew the part that is open by hand. Try to be neat in your stitches by making them almost invisible. Congrats! Your quilt is now ready to use! Thus there are similar patterns for beginners to experiment with.

Beginner's Patterns

  • Sport Patterns
  • Outdoor Themes
  • College Themes
  • Cartoon Characters

Floral Patterns

Animal Themes

Country Themes


Geometric Designs

Making a quilt is an interesting form of embroidery. In the modern times, the art of quilting has become so innovative and popular, that many men and women take up this tradition as a defined profession.