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Astonishingly Mind-blowing Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Rajib Singha Oct 4, 2018
Knitting can be quite a difficult task for beginners. However, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Get some free tips on some interesting knitting patterns from here.
As a great hobby, knitting is taken up by many people to relieve themselves from their everyday mundane life. It's a positive way to get distracted and increase ones level of skill and patience as well. It's also an effective exercise for your fingers.
Many people regard this as a relaxing and therapeutic hobby that can freshen up the mind. Sweaters, mufflers, beanies, and seat covers are among the endless list of easy knitting patterns for beginners.

Ribbed Flat Hat

Materials Required
  • 100 yards of acrylic or wool, bulky yarn - of course, whichever color is your favorite!
  • Knitting needles of size 10 US - one pair
  • Scissors and yarn needles
Gauge and Size of the Hat:
This design requires 18 stitches and 17 rows per 4 inches in 2x2 ribbing. A ribbed flat hat measures 16 inches around and 9 inches tall when not stretched.

Rolled Brim Hat

Materials Required
  • 88 yards of chunky wool. 
  • A circular needle is required of about 10.5 US and a set of double pointed needles of the same size.
  • A 16 inch cable, and a pair of scissors and yarn needle
Gauge and Size:
14 stitches and 20 rows per 4 inches. A finished rolled brim hat is 21 inches around and 10 inches tall when unrolled.
Other examples include quick and quirky, 2 color hats, angel, ribby warmth, autumn leaves hat, asherton hat, basket hat, beaded hat, aviator cap, beret, brimmed hat, brimster, cable knit hat, coat hat, cable hat, and chunky hats.

Garter Stitch Scarf

Materials Required
  • Circular needles of size 15 US - 26 inches or longer
  • 2 balls of your favorite trio (50% nylon, 50% polyester) and 1 ball of fizz
Gauge and Size:
Approximately 7 sts = 4 inches. The scarf comes up to a length of 8 inches wide and 60 inches long.

Condo Scarf

Materials Required
  • Yarn of 230 yards
  • Knitting needles of 15 US - one pair
  • 15 knitting needles - one size
  • Scissors and yarn needle
Gauge and Size:
Gauge is not critical in this kind of pattern. Once completed, the scarf should be 9 inches wide and 48 inches long.

Other Examples

  • Lace Hand Towel
  • Designer Dishtowel
  • Padded Hanger and Sachet
  • Zigzag Throw
  • Mitered Squares Scarf
  • Bed Jacket
  • Fleck Stitch Envelope Purse
  • Mistake Rib Scarf
  • Felted Christmas Stocking
  • Lace Pullover Sweater

Herringbone Belt

Eyeglass Case

Favorite Color Scarf

Americana Pot Holder

Linen Stitch Belt

Checkered Pot Holder

Ball Toy (Non-Knit)

Bitty Baby Sweater

Little Knitted Ball

Hacky Sack

Knitted Stuffed Fish

Easy Cotton Short Sleeved Pullover

Cabled Polo Collar Sweater

Odd Ball Scarf

Long Sleeve Cropped Cardigan

Cable Cardigan

Diamond Placket And Collar Pullover

Drop Stitch Pullover Sweater

Striped Wine Sack

From the examples, you can choose your favorite pattern and once you get the required material, you are ready to create all sorts of knits. If in case you don't want to utilize your knits yourself, then you can also make some 'extra cash' by selling them to your friends or neighbors.