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Instructions for Making Jewelry

Loveleena Rajeev Apr 28, 2019
The accessories speak volumes about us. Read on to know how to make a colorful wildflower necklace, a beaded bracelet, and two-wire earrings.
The use of jewelry to adorn a person is as old as time. Jewelry has transcended every place, culture and time zone and has evolved itself into a vital accessory for women and even men.
Today, you find handmade jewelry with crystals, pearls and sequins and also trendy beaded varieties that use colorful beads of varied sizes.
It can be difficult to find the right accessories for a specific outfit. But, making jewelry yourself is easy. The advantage is that you can make the accessories in the right color, size, and materials that you want. Here are some great ideas to try.

Colorful Wildflower Necklace

This necklace has beautiful Swarovski crystals, glass beads and pearls. You can alternate the colors of the beads and crystals as per your wish. This particular necklace is quite colorful and can be teamed with outfits in your wardrobe.
Materials Needed:

♦ 1 spool silver threading wire
♦ 1 pkg silver plated crimps
♦ 1 pkg rose-tinted round Swarovski
♦ 1 pkg Tanzanite Swarovski
♦ 1 pkg purple ponybeads
♦ 1 pkg round pearls
♦ 2 pkg seed beads
♦ 1 pkg sterling silver heishi
♦ 1 pkg silver-plated crimps
♦ 10 pieces silver-plated tubular bar clasp
  • Cut three 19 inch strands of the silver threading wire, and string in a bead stopper at the end of each strand.
  • First and Second Strand: Thread one of each bead in this order: pony bead, Tanzanite crystal, pony bead, pearl bead, pony bead, Tanzanite crystal, pony bead, bead stopper. Feel free to experiment with the order. This pattern, or the one you chose, should be repeated until you reach a length of 16 inches. The bead stopper should be the last bead strung.
  • Third Strand: String the beads in the same way as before, following this pattern (one of each): rose crystal, heishi, pearl bead, heishi, rose crystal, bead stopper.
  • Once all the beads have been strung, keep them aside. Take a clasp, keep it closed, string the beaded wires through a crimp, and loop it around the clasp and back through the crimp bead. Trim off the excess wire. Do the same for the other side of the beaded strings as well. Before wearing it, you can either twist it or just leave it untwisted.

Beaded Bracelet

Beads are extremely versatile. They can be worn with party, formal, as well as casual wear, and make an impact with their simplicity and elegance. You can let your creativity run wild and make a whole necklace instead of a bracelet, as it follows the same technique.
Materials Needed:

♦ 15 inches tiger tail wire
♦ 1 pkg colorful bead (assorted sizes)
♦ 2 crimps
♦ 1 screw clasp
  • Cut the tiger tail as per the size needed for the bracelet (add a few extra inches for the last loop). Taking one part of the screw clasp, pass the tiger tail through it, loop it, and pass it back again. String in a crimp, and press it down.
  • Thread the beads in the order you want. Towards the end, string in the crimp, press it down, pass the tiger tail through the other part of the screw clasp, and pass it back through the clasp. Cut off the excess tail end.

Two-wire Earrings

These two-wire earrings are drop-dead gorgeous. You can use beads of contrasting colors or the same colors with varying shades. Decide upon the size and the number of beads to be strung in.
Materials Needed:
  • 2 earring hooks
  • 5 crimps
  • 4 large beads (any color)
  • 4 small beads (any color)
  • 12 inches tiger tail beading wire
  • Pliers

  • Fold the tiger tail in half, and cut it into two 6 inch pieces using the pliers. Take one of the cut pieces and fold it in half once again. With the flat end of the pliers, press the fold. Pass the earring hook through one side of the tiger-tail, until it rests in the fold.
  • Pass a crimp bead through both ends, and push it right up close to the earring hooks. String one large bead onto the tiger tail end, followed by one small bead and a crimp. Press the crimp to seal the tiger tail end. Cut off the excess tail end. Repeat the entire procedure to make the second earring of the pair.