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Simple and Innovative Jewelry Making Ideas

Loveleena Rajeev Oct 6, 2018
Everyone loves to wear jewelry, whether it is big chunky stuff, or dainty trinkets. To know how to create some fancy magic with your own hands, try making some of the given jewelry pieces.
Every time, we check out some trendy jewelry available in the market, we can't wait to buy them and put it on to create that fabulous effect.
Although, not very expensive, it can get really frustrating, if we don't get the color or the pattern we want. So what does one do, besides get really mad about it? You can try to make jewelry on your own, using the ideas mentioned here.

Simple Dangling Earrings

Materials required
  • Fish hook earring findings, 2
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Headpins, 2
  • Tiny beads, 8
  • Blue pearl beads, 2
  • Nylon/Elastic thread, 1
  • A pair of sharp scissors

Thread two tiny beads onto a head pin. Take one of the blue pearls beads and thread it onto the headpin (on the small beads). Thread two more tiny beads onto the headpin and on the pearl bead. Bend the headpin over to a 45 degree angle, with the help of the round nose plier.
Cut the headpin wire leaving approx 5 mm spare. Bend it over to shape it like a loop, with the round nose plier leaving a slight gap. Thread the fish hook onto the head pin, and close the loop attaching the fish hook to the headpin using the flat nose pliers. Repeat the entire procedure to make the second earring of the pair.

Trendy Black and White Necklace

Materials required
  • Crimp black beads, 1 packet
  • Large opaque white beads, 1 packet
  • Crystals, 1 packet
  • Silver wire, 1 reel
  • Silver lobster clasps, 2

Cut the silver wire in 2 lengths of 20 inches and 22 inches. Start working on the longer one first. String on a crystal on to the silver wire, and secure it in place by tightly curling it. Then string a black bead, a large opaque white bead, followed by a black bead, and finish it off with another crystal.
The crystal beads should be first as well as last in the stringing order. Repeat this entire procedure to make 5 groups of beads. Make sure the clusters are placed at least an inch apart. Take the shorter 20 inch silver wire, and cluster the beads in the same manner you have done for the longer wire.
Hold both wires together and string one black bead through them, and attach lobster clasp, looping the wire back through the black bead, securing it by crimping and trimming the remaining wire end. Do the same for the other side too. The two silver wires should have a symmetrical finish.

Fully Beaded Anklet

Materials required
  • Sterling silver spring ring clasp, 1
  • 12 inch beading wire, 1
  • Sterling silver crimp beads, 2
  • Red seed beads, 1 packet
  • Sterling silver tubes, 1 packet
  • Large blue stone beads, approx 10
  • Wire cutter

String wire through a silver crimp bead, secure it by clasping, and thread it back through the same bead, and flatten it. Thread in 3 red seed beads, 1 silver tube, 3 red seed beads, 1 silver tube, 3 red seed beads, 1 silver tube, 1 large blue stone bead. Thread in other beads in the same order, until the beading wire is fully threaded with them.
Thread a crimp bead on one end, pass the wire through the ring, and back through crimp bead in the opposite direction and then flatten it. Cut off excess wire.
Making jewelry is not that difficult. Beginners can start with beaded jewelry as this technique is easy to handle and takes little time in making.
There are many free ideas for jewelry making available on the Internet, from where one can not only source the ideas, but also purchase the required materials. Try out some of the handcrafted jewelry mentioned here and see how compliments flow your way!