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How to Wire Wrap Stones

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Oct 6, 2018
Are you looking for information on the method for wire wrapping stones? Here are some basic DIY tips on how to wire wrap gemstones and other precious stones.
In the traditionally designed jewelry, stones are mounted by the usual claw method. According to this technique, claws are first created from the jewelry material, which are then used to secure the stone by enclosing from all sides.
In contrary to this, wire wrap stones are made by manually binding and twisting wire around the stones with the help of special tools. With this wire wrapping technique, you can create exclusive pendant designs by using any type of material and stone.
Wire wrapping is especially applicable to secure irregular shaped, natural gemstones such as ruby, emerald, amethyst, pearls, opal, etc., which are difficult for machine mounting. The unusual shaped stones can be fixed tightly by wrapping wire, and without using glue or machine settings.

Key Instructions

The basic wire wrap instructions include twisting the wrapping wire, twinning a bundle of wire adjusting the wrap to align with the stone, shaping the wrap, and cutting the wire properly.
Follow the wire wrap instructions carefully to secure the stone with the wire. Otherwise, there are chances that the stone may fall on one side or it is loosely mounted.

Tools Used

The required tools and materials include ruler, pliers (round nose, flat nose pliers), file, wire cutter, wire (soft wire, hard wire), and stones. You can select jewelry wire from a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials.
They are available in brass, copper, silver, gold or gold-filled types; while the shapes include flat, patterned, square, triangle, round, and half round.
Each of these wire shapes is preferable for a particular stone and jewelry type. For example, round wire is most suited for wrapping earring stones, while a half round wire is ideal for rings.


Wire wrapping patterns are endless. In fact, you can sketch any design including beads and stones, and start wrapping the stones with wire. The basic tip is to start with the center design and finish the top and bottom wiring.
According to the design, fix the beads and gemstones in between the wire wraps. If you are already familiar with the simple designs, you can try making unique and heavy designs.
Some of the plus points of wire wrapping stones include unlimited design patterns, usage of simple tools, and quick making procedure. You can complete wire wrapping a stone within an hour, provided that you have the right tools and materials.
You can follow these simple wire wrapping tricks to create attractive designs and incorporate in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Use the wire wrapped pendants to make a simple looking necklace into an admirable, priceless possession.
In addition to wire wrapping stones on your own, there are several schools that offer courses for wire wrap patterns, ideas, and designs. If you have a passion for jewelry making and designing, then you can join a short-term training course for wire wrapping. Imagine creating your own line of wire wrapped pendants, bracelets, earrings, and much more.