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How to Tie Dye Old Clothing

Megha Tiwari Mar 5, 2019
If you know how to tie dye, you can design a dress for yourself. By simply following some instructions and techniques, you can master this unique art and make your own patterns and designs.
Tie dye is a traditional way of creating different, colorful patterns.
There are a number of variations in the designs, each one being unique in itself. However, the basic procedure of this art is the same all around the globe.
Different, colorful patterns are created by folding, stitching, crumpling, and tying the cloth. Variations in patterns can be observed by tying the fabric in such a way that it restricts the color from penetrating into the fabric, thus producing unique designs.
The way the color has been squirted and the fabric folded, determines the type of design that will appear. Tie dye art becomes more interesting and exciting because of the surprise element of the end result. This craft is also popular among children. Here are the materials and steps required to make a tie dye peace sign.
Peace sign t-shirts are very common in the pride parade of art festivals. The following are the instructions to tie dye a t-shirt with a peace sign.


• Scissors
• Washing soda
• Spray bottle
• Plain white T-shirt
• Paper towel
• Bucket to mix colors
• Newspapers
• Strings to tie the fabric
• Paraffin wax
• Dyes of different colors
• Rubber gloves
• 2 plastic bins of hot water
• Geometry box
• 2 plastic bins of cold water


  • Wash the t-shirt with washing soda in lukewarm water and rinse it twice, very thoroughly. Make sure not to use any chemical or softener on the t-shirt, because the dye will not be properly adsorbed by a cloth treated with softener. Dry the t-shirt in the dryer or sun-dry it; iron it after it has completely dried.
  • Start with the peace sign by drawing a circle on the front of the t-shirt with its diameter a little lesser than the width of the shirt. Mark three points on the circumference of the circle at equal distances and join them to the center of the circle. Extend the vertical line to divide the circle in two equal halves.
  • Neatly apply paraffin wax on the outline of the circle, and on the peace sign. Let the wax dry and become hard. Bunch the shirt at the circle and tie it with a band. Now twist the entire t-shirt the way you want the pattern to be, and secure it with rubber bands or strings.
  • To color the t-shirt, add two color packets and a cup of vinegar in a plastic bin of boiling water. Soak the twisted t-shirt in the water for five to ten minutes and then dry it by hanging it on the clothesline.
  • If you want to add more background color to it, repeat the same step. However, keep in mind that the colors should go from light to dark shades. Let the shirt dry every time you color it, before applying the next shade.
  • Keep a few paper towels on the waxed peace sign and iron it until the entire wax is absorbed. Keep repeating the step by changing the towel. Cut a circle out of the poster board of the same diameter as the circle on the shirt and use it to prevent the color from splitting.
  • Fill a dye of your choice in the spray bottle and apply it carefully on the outlines of the sign. Let the t-shirt dry once you have finished dying.
The skillful application of colors will make your learning process easier. There are many tie dye patterns which can be made without anybody's help. All you need to do is apply the techniques mentioned and come up with newer patterns. Once you have learned the basics, you will be able to try out difficult designs as well.