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How to Spiral Tie Dye

Sheetal Mandora May 4, 2019
Want a clear and easy-to-follow instructions on how to spiral tie dye any piece of clothing? Then read on to learn how to make this pattern with clear directions.
Tie dye is not just a fashion statement from the hippie era, but some of the designs are still worn by many. If you're someone who loves this colorful and vibrant style, why not make it on your own. The steps are quite easy to follow, and you don't even require that many items to work with.

Spiral Tie Dye ...

First and foremost, always work on a blank, non-printed cloth; white works really well here. Whether you choose a t-shirt, a hoodie, a sheet, or any other item, be sure that the fabric is 100% cotton as the dye sticks perfectly onto this fabric.

With One Color:

♣ First of all, you'll require―dye (any color you like), white cotton t-shirt, drying rack, hand gloves, a fork, rubber bands, and a plastic squirt bottle.
♣ For the first spiral, you need to mix the dye according to the directions given on it. Make sure you have hand gloves on, and are working in a well-ventilated room.

♣ Dampen the t-shirt a little (not dripping wet), and decide where you want the center of the spiral to begin.
♣ With your fingers, pinch at least ½'' of t-shirt and grab it with a fork. Start swirling the fork in clockwise manner so that the t-shirt begins to twist as well.

♣ As you do so, make sure that the pleats are of the same height, and the twist is not uneven. This will ensure that the final color will look even, and not smudgy.
♣ If you're not comfortable using the fork, use your hands if you have to. Twist the t-shirt and make an even circle.

♣ Now depending on the size of the t-shirt you used, you will need about 6―9 rubber bands to secure it. The first rubber band goes directly at the center of the spiral.
♣ The second will cross it in the center. The third and fourth rubber bands will make an X shape.

♣ Now if you want thinner spirals, place more rubber bands on. Instead of the rubber bands, you can also use a string. But just make sure that you tie the string as tightly as you can.
♣ The next step is to fill a squirt bottle with dye, and begin filling the color in each section. Turn the t-shirt over, and dye at the bottom as well.

♣ In the end, all there's left to do is leave the t-shirt aside on a rack for about 1―2 days to dry. After that, untie the t-shirt, rinse it properly, and let it dry.

With Multi Colors

♦ First of all, you'll require―dye colors (as many as you like), white cotton t-shirt, drying rack, hand gloves, a fork, rubber bands, and plastic squirt bottles.
♦ The instructions with multi colors will be almost same. Dampen and twist the t-shirt and place as many rubber bands as you want.

♦ For dyeing, fill the squirt bottles with as much quantity of dyes as you like. The only difference is that instead of using one color, you will alternate between them.
♦ So, once you dye on the front side, turn the t-shirt over and dye at the bottom as well.

♦ Leave the t-shirt aside on the drying rack for almost 1―2 days. After that, untie the t-shirt, rinse it properly, and let it dry.