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How to Paint a Model Car

4 Simple Tips on How to Perfectly Paint a Model Car

Are you planning to spend this weekend in some interesting art work? Well, then why not paint a model car and give it a fresh and flashy finish? If you don't know the procedure of painting these miniature cars, then here are some tips to help you.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Nov 03, 2018
Porsche Cayman S Welly Diecast Toy Car
You might have painted your automobile or at least seen how the painting process goes on. But did you ever try painting a miniature car? Well, let me tell you that it is quite an interesting task and a favorite pass time of many.
Automotive Design
Once you get an idea of working on this mini project, you will love to spend time painting such classy miniature cars. So, wondering how to paint a model car with a brush or spray paint? Here's the procedure to give a wonderful look to your miniature automobile.
Clean the Model Car
Start by cleaning your car thoroughly. Wash the body shell of your car very carefully in warm soapy water. Do not use warm or hot water if it is a plastic model. After washing, leave it for drying on a clean rough cloth. Do not wipe off with a paper towel as the same will leave lint on the piece. Let the car dry completely before you move to the next step.
Cover with White Enamel Primer
Model car painting with spray
Now get a bottle of enamel white primer and get ready to cover your car's body with this. You will need a round paint brush for painting the car with primer. Make sure that you do not paint the glass and rubber surface. Only the parts that will be colored need to be primed.
A layer of primer basically helps the automobile paint adhere well on the surface of the car. With a primer already applied to the surface, you can use even the lightest paint colors to jazz up your car. Colors look brighter and better when applied on primed surface.
Choose the Enamel Colors
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It's time to beautify your mini automobile with some stunning shades. You can choose from dark gray, hot red, chocolate brown, ice blue, flame orange etc. Decide the shade and duly choose a metallic or dark shade for detailing.
You will also need a black and metallic gray or silver gray enamel for coloring the tires and rim. If you have a sports model car, colors like vibrant yellow, flame orange, flashy red, white or navy blue and combos of these make the best picks.
For other cars you can use shades of gray, light blues, black, beige, red, crimson, white, orange green, etc. When you use white enamel, detailing has to be done neatly or else the piece can look bland.
To add the right effect, a plain white sports car can be graced with green, red or black stripes, or a checker pattern can be painted on one of its side. If you are wondering how to spray paint the car, you need to by a spray paint bottle of the chosen basic shade. Of course, the detailing has to be done with thin paint brushes.
Spice-up With the Chosen Enamel
Porsche 911
As mentioned earlier, mask the wheels, window glasses and other areas which you do not wish to paint, while using spray paint, air brush or automobile paints. Start painting the car with the basic paint color enamel which you have chosen.
You will need a flat brush and a round brush for the same. Once this is done, leave it for drying. Apply the next coat or next two coats waiting between each coat for allowing it to dry.
Toy Car
Next, you need to do the detailing using a gray metallic shade or black color. Use a thin round brush for detailing. Color the head lights in lightest yellow and grill in metallic gray. Use matte finish black shade for coloring tires and metallic steel shade for rims.
Classic 1932 Ford Hot Rod
With the right color combination and painting technique, you can give your miniature car a classy look. Explore various shades and finishes in enamels to give your model car a plush look. Make sure that you paint the small cars very carefully and patiently.
Yellow Concept Sports Car
Using new brushes is very useful as their hair is not damaged and is in place which helps maintain the perfection. So get ready to turn your car into a hot piece with vibrant shades.