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DIY Tips on How to Make Praise-worthy Yarn Bracelets

How to Make Yarn Bracelets
Gifting handmade yarn bracelets is a simple way to express your love and care towards your friends. Read this article to understand the tips to make yarn bracelets.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Making a Friendship Bracelet
When speaking about friendship bracelets, you need not go for the expensive ones. When it comes to friendship and emotions, the cost doesn't matter at all. What is most important is your love and feelings for your friend. Even a simple handmade bracelet can portray the same friendship meaning as does by a diamond studded bracelet. In fact, one of the best tips to show your unconditional love for your friends is gifting them yarn bracelets. Add more meaning to your friendship by gifting your own custom created handmade bracelets.
Tips for Making Yarn Bracelets
For making these bracelets, you just need three thick strands of yarn, each of which should measure at least 5-6 feet long. The color of the yarn is left to your choice; you can select and combine different colors that will perfectly match your friend's skin color. An alternative to this is choosing the same colored yarns. Whatever be the option, both types of yarn bracelets look beautiful. Other accessories for making these bracelets include ruler, masking tape and scissors.
In order to create a yarn bracelet, take the ends of three yarns and align them. Leave about 3-5 inch length (for all the yarns) free at the end and make an overhand knot. You can secure the tail of the yarn on a table by using sticking tapes. Doing so will help you in easy handling of the yarns. Following this, make a simple braid out of the three yarns till the desired length is achieved. Finish the yarn bracelet by tying a loop and an overhand knot.
Another tip to make a creative yarn bracelet is weaving the yarns, rather than making a braid style. Follow the same steps as above and secure the yarn ends to the table. Then hold the first strand and wrap around the second one; take the first string again and bring it through this knot. Continue making the same knots with the first and third strands to complete the first row. Follow the same procedure to create multiple rows with the three yarns, until the length of the bracelet is enough to tie around your friend's wrist.
You can trim the excess yarns (if any) for giving a final touch to your yarn bracelet. These are some simple tips on how to make friendship bracelets. Once you become familiar with making the braids out of the yarn strands, you can increase the number of yarns. You can make yarn bracelets by using seven yarn strands, instead of three to denote the number of letters for friend. So, the next time, when you plan for the friendship gifts, include a simple yarn bracelet to add more meaning.
You can make many custom designed yarn bracelets by using your own creativity and imagination. Think of including bead work with vibrant color beads that will blend along with the background color of the yarn bracelet. Shop for plastic and wooden beads of different shapes and sizes in order to make a unique design yarn bracelet. Gifting a handmade yarn bracelet is sure to bring that pleasant smile on your friend's face. It is such a small wonder that makes friendship more meaningful.
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