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How to Make a Tree Stump Table

Tulika Nair Feb 15, 2019
Making a tree stump table is an extremely easy task, and all you need to do is follow the simple instructions given here to make one for yourself.
A tree stump is not exactly something that you would look at and think of as a furniture element but with the proper idea, you can actually create a great piece of furniture.
A table is something that can be made from a tree stump very easily. If you are interested in making a tree stump table, then you can use the simple instructions given here and use some of the design ideas to create a table for yourself.

Instructions on Making Tree Stump Table

Making a tree stump is probably one of the easiest home decor projects that you can take up. If you like the look of a rustic, natural home and are looking for rustic home decorating ideas, then a tree stump table is the perfect addition, especially when you can lay claim to the fact that you have made it.
The things that you need in order to make this table include, a tree stump, sandpaper of different grits, paint brush, varnish, hammer, and pry bar. Depending on the design you choose, you will also need paint, drill, screws, bolts, and other such things. To make the base table, just follow the simple steps given here.
● In order to obtain a tree stump, we suggest that you make a trip to the local lumberyard, where they will be able to provide you with a tree stump. You may or may not have to pay for it.
● Once you have the tree stump, you will need to allow the stump to dry out for a minimum of thirty days. This is important so that the bark of the stump loosens and so that you can pry the bark out if you need to.
● Unless you are making a choice to let the bark of the stump stay, you will want to pry it out. In order to do this you will need to insert a pry bar between the bark and the stump and hammer it to loosen the bark.
You will need to either the pull out the bark by hand or keep prying it. If you are pulling the bark with your hands, then it would be advisable to wear gloves while doing the same to protect your hands.
● Once the bark is completely off, you will need to sand it in order to get the tiny fibers and splinters off. Use different types of sandpaper grit to sand the stump completely. Keep sanding it till you can feel the smooth surface of the stump.
● After you sand it completely, then wipe the stump with a damp cloth so that you can remove any excess wood dust that is on the stump.
● Finishing the table is also very important, and for that you will need to stain the tree stump. Use a stain that matches the tree stump that you are using. Allow the stain to be soaked in by the stump and let it dry.
● Use an oil-based finish to seal the stain in, and apply it on the entire stump. Apply two coats of finish so that the table looks polished and nice.

In the next section, we give you a few design ideas that you can use in order to make your table unique.

Ideas for Tree Stump Tables

Ideally, everyone likes something unique for the decorative items that they use in their house. No one would like to walk into their neighbor's house and see that they have the same table you bought at the big chain of furniture items.
Creating your own unique furniture is one way of ensuring that you always have something different in your living room. Use the design ideas given here to create a table that will stand out.

Au Naturel

One of the best design ideas that you can use is to leave it as natural as you can. Try not to remove the bark of the stump either.
Level out the top so that you have a plain, stable surface and apply varnish so that the table has a nice finish. You can pair this table with a nice log furniture set. And it can make for a cozy setting on the porch.

Color Me...

Another design idea that you can try out if you are making this table is to paint it completely in an earthy shade. 
Black, gray, or chocolate brown are all colors that will look really good on a sanded tree stump. On top of the stump you can choose to play a ceramic top that is of the same color as the paint that you have applied on the tree stump.

Wheeling Around

If you want a table that is easy to move around, then a tree stump table may not be exactly the first option that comes to your mind. In fact, it may be one of the last options. But what if you can just make it mobile.
Well, all you need to do is get three of the trolley wheels that you will get at any hardware store and attach them to your tree stump to create a mobile table.
These are just some of the most basic design ideas that you can try. As you become more proficient in this form of woodwork, you can choose to create more intricate designs to make the table.