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How to Make Soap Flakes

Shalu Bhatti May 4, 2019
Why should you spend money on buying soap flakes which are very handy and useful, when they can be done easily and quickly at home? Here is the easiest way of making soap flakes. Read on to know!
Soap flakes are used for various cleaning and crafting recipes. They are more gentle and user-friendly, and a little quantity is enough for cleaning purpose. Although you get soap flakes in the market, spending money and time for a thing that can be made at home is not worth it.
It doesn't even take half an hour, so you need not worry about any delay in your schedule.
All you need to do is get the right ingredients and know the right technique to make them.
In fact, if you are among those who use soap flakes for cleaning and crafts, then you must make them at home and see how much money you can save.
The best thing about pure soap flakes is that they can be used for cleaning everything possible, right from your sensitive clothes, your pets, floors to furniture. Washing baby clothes, blankets and toys with soap flakes is a good choice considering the harmful chemicals and irritants in conventional soaps that cause rashes or allergies to the baby's skin.
The bottom line is, pure soap flakes can be used to clean anything extremely fragile and sensitive. Which is why, having a container full of organic soap flakes at home is always an added benefit. After knowing the uses of soap flakes, let us now have a look at what you would need to do in order to make soap flakes on your own.

Making Pure Soap Flakes at Home

Ingredients Required -
» Soap
» Grater
» Paper towel or plate
» Air tight container
» Gloves (optional)

Before starting the procedure make sure that the soap is made up of 100% vegetable oil. Another point to be noted is that you must avoid using soap bars that have a vet strong fragrance or have artificial coloring and other irritants. Now, it's time to start the process of making soap flakes. Excited? Then put on your gloves and let us begin.
Take a gentle soap bar that creates a lot of foam, like Castile or Ivory. You can also use any other after ensuring they are made up of 100% vegetable oil and do not contain irritants.

Place a paper towel or paper plate on a flat surface where you would be grating the soap bar, so that the grated flakes fall on the paper plate or towel.
Place the grater on the paper towel or paper plate and start grating the soap bar. You can use a manual grater or an electric grater, depending on your preference. Grating the soap at a medium size is advised as medium sized soap flakes are decent enough.
After you are done with grating the soap bar, collect the soap flakes stored at the paper towel or paper plate placed below the grater and store them in an air tight container. This keeps the soap flakes safe from the moisture present in the surrounding atmosphere.
Spending time for going to the market, looking for soap flakes and purchasing them in exchange of your money, when you can make them at home is not worth the effort. Although just make sure you are careful while grating the soap as it can be slippery at times. This is why wearing gloves would be a good choice.
Also, make sure that you use mild and organic soaps for the same purpose. So what are you waiting for? Start arranging for all the things that you need and start making your 'own made' soap flakes.