How to Make Mood Rings

Mood rings are a huge hit among individuals of all ages! But, would you like to know how to make mood rings? Well, read into the coming up article to find out.
HobbyZeal Staff
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Remember the times, when you used rings as an identification for your "group of friends", or as a mark of love and friendship? We all must have used these simple rings as souvenirs to express our affection towards someone, or simply for fun! I am talking about the interesting mood rings, which are known for their phenomenon of changing color as per our moods. Well, the reality of the phenomenon is something else, as the ring contains a liquid crystal stone which is thermochromic in nature.
Thermochromic means sensitive to temperature and the stone changes color depending on these temperature changes. When this stone is used to make a ring, it comes in contact with the wearer's body temperature and depending on that, changes color. The ring was invented by 2 New Yorkers, Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats in 1975 and was purchased by a number of people instantly. If you too, are a huge fan of these mood rings and want to know how these mood ring colors function, you can make them at home in a few simple steps.
Making Mood Rings at Home
Mood rings are very popular among kids and youngsters as owning "a ring that tells your mood" is surely a big thing. However, if you want to know the mechanism of this phenomenon, we have an explanation for you. As mentioned earlier, the ring consists of a stone which is usually a quartz or glass capsule that consists of thermochromic liquid crystal in it. When there are temperature changes, the crystal tends to reflect certain wavelengths of light on the glass, thus changing the color of the stone.
Now, the normal body temperature is 37 degrees C, and when the stone comes in contact with this temperature, it changes to a brown color that is known to be a neutral mood. However, the theory that a person's mood can be detected by the fluctuation in his body heat, can be applied to the mechanism of this ring.
Materials Needed
  • Heat-sensitive stone
  • Ring Base
  • Decorative beads
  • Craft glue
The first thing you will need is a heat sensitive stone. You will find them in any craft store around, and along with the stone, also purchase a ring base that fits your finger. Make sure you get the stone that fits the slot on the ring base, or you will have to get the stone cut in the desired shape and size. Once you have the raw materials, warm the craft glue a bit and apply it on the base where the stone is supposed to be placed.
Put the stone on the base and let it dry for sometime. Make sure the stone comes in contact with the finger, so that it changes colors. In the meanwhile, you can add some other decorative beads to the border of the ring base to make it look more attractive. With the help of the same craft glue, stick the small beads around the border of the main heat sensitive stone. Use beads that are blue, brown, purple, green and yellow in color, as these go with the color changes displayed by the crystal and will match the stone respectively.
Color Changes
To judge the different moods depending on your body temperature fluctuations, there is a color chart that is provided with each mood ring. These colors are mentioned in the chart below, take a look.
Color Moods
Black Stressed Out
Grey Anxiety
Green Enthusiastic
Turquoise Green Calm
Skyblue Relaxed, Happy
Navy Blue Passionate, Romantic

With this information about creating mood rings and which moods are symbolized by which specific colors, hope you had fun reading it! Well, go ahead and make your own mood rings and enjoy the different colors of your moods.