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Funk Up Your Look! Learn How to Make Hemp Bracelets With Beads

Puja Lalwani Mar 17, 2019
Though you may be aware of different hemp bracelet patterns, making them with beads is probably what you want to learn. Take a look at the instructions provided here for the same.
With the variety of hemp jewelry now available in the market, you would wonder why you should learn how to make them. It is only because when you make your own, you can personalize them to suit your style and taste. For those of you who know the basics, take a step further and learn to make them with beads.


As a beginner, it is better to start off with easy patterns, and then move on to more intricate ones. As you get the hang of it, making these bracelets will become simpler and quicker.
Materials Required: 
Hemp Twine, Scissors, Assorted Beads (Large), Clasp, Safety Pin and Heavy Object.
● Usually 1mm thick natural-colored hemp twine is used to make bracelets. However, there are other thicknesses and colors that are available at different craft stores. Choose the type of twine you would like to experiment with.
● Using any old bracelet as a reference, measure the length of the bracelet you will require for your wrist. The length of the twine you cut should be six times the actual length of the bracelet you are using as a reference. Cut one strand of hemp twine based on this measurement.
● The next strand of hemp twine that you cut should be twice the length of the first strand, or twelve times the length of the bracelet you are using as a reference.
● Now, determine the center point of both the strands of hemp twine, and fold them at those points individually. Now hold the strands together at these points at a distance of ½-¾ inch and tie the strands into a knot. You should have a loop above the knot. Ensure the knot is as tight as you can make it.
● Either place a heavy object on the loop, or use a safety pin to pin the loop to a piece of furniture with fabric.
● Now that you are ready to make the bracelet, arrange the four strands of hemp twine in the manner that the longer ones form strands 1 and 4 on either outer edge, and the shorter ones are strands 2 and 3 in the middle.
● Start knotting the hemp, by pulling strand 4 (the strand at the right outer edge) at a 45 degree angle, taking it away from the remaining strands. Now, take strand 4 over the two middle strands, and under strand 1 (the strand at the left outer edge). This pattern should look like the number four.
● Hold this figure in place, and take strand 1 under the two strands in the middle, and up through the center of the figure 4. Pull both, strands 1 and 4 to tighten the knot. To continue with this pattern, repeat the same steps starting from strand 1.
● This pattern will allow you to make flat hemp bracelets. Making the spiral ones calls for a different technique. For this, you will have to continue making the knots only on one side, and not resort to the alternating pattern.
● As you keep making the knots, you can create different patterns with beads by placing the beads at various points. This may be constant or vary to create interesting and unique patterns.
When putting beads on the bracelet, run them through the two central strands, i.e., strands 2 and 3, and make the number 4 pattern mentioned here with the bead in place. For a constant pattern, leave at least a minimum of four to five knots between each bead.
● Continue this process till the bracelet has attained the required length to fit your wrist. To finish it, simply tie a knot with the four strands to secure the bracelet. To fasten the bracelet, put these four loose strands into the loop that was made initially, and tie a knot around it to wear it. Simply trim the loose ends to make the bracelet look neat.
Bring out your creativity with unique patterns. Try shells instead of beads. You can also include other charms and trinkets. The more proficient you become at this art, the more items you can use to create these patterns. Have fun!