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Step-by-step Guide on How to Make Hemp Bracelet With Two Colors

Tulika Nair Mar 20, 2019
Hemp bracelets are very popular especially those made with multiple colors. Do you want to learn how to make one which has two colors? So, we give you a step-by-step account of how to make these bracelets.
Hemp bracelets that are so popular among teenagers today, thanks to their style quotient and affordability are made from a plant that belongs to the same genus as the plant from which cannabis is derived.
Hemp, the plant which yields the by-product for the manufacture of hemp bracelets is also used in the production of paper, textiles, food products, fuel, medicines, and even contributes to the plastic industry.
The bracelets made from hemp are very popular among teenagers who like to not only wear them themselves but also make them and gift them to their loved ones as a mark of their friendship.

Making a Two-colored Bracelet

Making a hemp bracelet is very easy as long as you get the basics right. You need to be clear about which are the lead strings and which are the inner strings and not confuse between the two as that can result in messing up the design.
To make one which has two strings in different colors, all you need are two cords of different colors of your choice. The length of both cords should equal nine times the circumference of your wrist. Now that you have everything you need, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions.
● Depending on the idea you have finalized, decide which colored cord is going to be your lead string and which one is going to be the inner string. Once you have made this decision take the lead string and fold it in half. Now take the second hemp string and cut a length of the cord that is equivalent to the doubled lead string.
● The inner string should now be folded in half. Now take the lead string, fold it in half and tie it at the top of the inner string. The result will be you will have four strings, two of each color, with the inner strings in the center and the leads strings on the outside.
● The next step is to take the lead string on the right and cross it over the inner string which is on the left. This will create a loop which you need to hold between your thumb and finger.
Now take the lead string which is on the left and cross it over the right lead string and then under and then across it to the right of the inner string. After this, slip it through the loop you created earlier. This will make your first knot.
● Now repeat this entire process in the opposite direction, starting with the lead string on the left over the right inner string, creating a loop and then taking the right lead string over the left lead string. Now take the lead string down and behind the inner string, to the left and slip in through the loop to create the second knot.
● Continue this process first on the right side and then on the left side till you achieve a comfortable length which should be about three inches from the end of hemp cord.
● Once you are sure it is the right length for a bracelet and fits snugly, take all the ends of the string and tie a knot. Pull tightly to ensure that it does not open up. Now tie a small individual knot on each string and cut off any excess length of thread.
● You can now easily tie the hemp bracelet around your wrist without any difficulty.
When you start out making these friendship bracelets, it can seem a little difficult but with practice you will master the art of making these bracelets soon enough. Learning how to make these bracelets is very easy. It just needs time and dedication on your part so that you can move on to create designs that are intricate and unique.