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Instructions on How to Make a Lovely Hemp Bracelet Out of String

Rutuja Jathar Apr 17, 2019
A hemp bracelet is a very popular form of jewelry that can be easily made at home. Here, we will learn the procedure of making these with strings and beads.
Hemp jewelry is an unconventional, yet popular form of jewelry amongst youth. This trendy jewelry is made using hemp fibers that are typically tan in color, and a hemp bracelet is one of the most popular forms of this jewelry.
Making these bracelets at home is quite simple. It is an easy, inexpensive, and creative hobby that one can undertake to make for oneself, or as personalized gifts for others.

The Procedure

Hemp can be purchased at craft and bead stores. In the following procedure, we will use natural-hued hemp, but you can also experiment with several colors as well as thickness of the same. These bracelets can be made from shells as well as beads.


20 lb hemp string, Beads in varied colors and sizes, A pair of scissors, Clasps (optional), Cord tips/coil ends (Optional), Safety pin.


  • Cut a hemp string to a length which is six times longer than the desired length of the bracelet. Next, cut another string of hemp measuring exactly double than that of the first string. Once you are done with it, fold both the strings separately in the middle and make a crease at the midpoint. Then make a knot of the creases at the midpoint.
  • Create a loop at the end of the strings which are about ½ inch to ¾ inch long.
  • Secure the looped end of the hemp strings with a safety pin to a furniture made of fabric. If not, then you can also place a really heavy object on top of the loop so that the strings won't move while you work on them.
  • Next, arrange the hemp twines so that they can be easily recognized. However, make it a point that the two shorter hemp strings are arranged in the middle of the four strings. Now, take the outer right string in hand and angle it away from the middle strings.
  • With the other hand, guide it over the middle shorter strings and then under the extreme left string. Take the extreme left string from under the middle strings and then through the loop that was made with the right string.
  • Now, pull both the strands with both your hands to tighten the hemp bracelet pattern and repeat the same procedure till you reach the half mark. Then thread the desired number of beads in the middle shorter strands of hemp.
  • Once you thread the beads, make sure that you secure each bead with the same 'right-left' pattern that was followed while making the bracelet. If you want to use more than one bead, then you need to leave at least 2 to 3 knots between each one of them.
Continue creating the same pattern throughout the bracelet length and then secure it by making a knot of all four hemp strings. As said earlier, you can also learn how to make a hemp bracelet with two colors by using two different colors of your choice.
However, then you will also need to make sure that the beads that you are using for the bracelet are of the same color combination as in the bracelet.