Two friendship bracelet on grass

How to Make Friendship Bracelets

Gifting and tying bracelets and bands have become synonymous with the celebration of friendship. If you want to make bracelets for your friends, then follow the simple steps given here.
Friendship Day is celebrated the world over on the first Sunday in the month of August. On this day, friends get together and have a fun time celebrating their friendship by gifting each other bands and cards. Although one can celebrate this anytime of the year, this day only adds to the reasons to celebrate! Making your own bracelets lends that unique and personal touch to your gift. For a change, you can actually display your creativity by making them at home. If you don't know how to make them, here's a look at some easy steps!
Materials Required:
  • Embroidery Floss (in 2 or more colors of your choice)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler for measurement
  • Tape
embroidery floss
Step 1: Choose embroidery floss in colors of your choice. I chose three colors. You may choose as many as you like.
step two a
step two b
Step 2: Cut each thread up to 18 inches long (or longer, depending on whom you are making it for). I have cut it up to 12 inches for representational purposes only.
step three
Step 3: You may want to repeat a color in the pattern or you may want to take a multitude of colors. I have chosen three colors, so I took three threads of each color to ensure that my bracelet was thick enough. It can be thicker than this too. In simple terms, the number of threads you take will determine the thickness of the bracelet. Place the threads next to each other so that their lengths match.
step four a
step four b
Step 4: Now measure four inches from the top of the threads, and tie the threads together with a knot. Simply roll the threads around your index finger and make a loop. Now put 4 inches of thread through this loop and secure the knot tightly.
step five
Step 5: Tape the set of threads to the edge of a surface so that you can work with them conveniently. Spread out the threads in the order of colors that you want. I have set a pattern of white-green-yellow. The threads may not naturally fall in the order you want, and you may have to adjust the order a little. Working on the first row may be a little tricky because of this, but this first row decides the order of colors for the remaining bracelet.
step seven
Step 6: Pick up the first - in my case the white one, and the second thread, i.e. the green thread. Hold the white thread on top of the green thread, and pull it out from below the green thread (as shown in the image above). Now pull it right up to the main knot, to make the first knot. You have to make two knots with each thread.
step eight a
step eight b
step eight c
Step 7: The white thread has to be knotted around all threads in the set, till it reaches the end and is the last thread in the set. Then begin with the green thread, and follow the same steps. Then do the same with the yellow thread.
step nine a
step nine b
Step 8: Make the bracelet up to a point where you have four inches of thread left at the end to knot it up. Make the knot just after the last row on the bracelet, just like you did at the beginning. Secure it tightly. If there are any uneven ends, you may cut them off with a scissor.
step ten
Step 9: This is how your bracelet should look in the end.
Making a bracelet for the first time may be a little time-consuming initially. But if you remain patient and continue making them, you will notice that your speed will increase, and that you don't even need to tape it to any surface. You will be able to hold it in your hands and make it with ease.