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How to Make an Anklet

Tulika Nair Mar 12, 2019
If you love accessorizing, then one jewelry that you can definitely not miss out on is an anklet. Used to adorn one's ankles, they can enhance the beauty of your feet and are easy to make as well.
From being a symbol of one's status in society in the Egyptian culture to being an indication of wealth in Sumerian society to its present day status of being a jewelry that is used to adorn one's feet, anklets have a long history.
Traditionally, they were made from silver, gold, and other such precious metals but today you can wear anklets made of beads and embroidery floss. And the latter options can be easily made at home as well. So, if you want to make an anklet so that you can match with your outfit for the day, all you need to do is follow the simple steps given here.

From Embroidery Floss

There are many different ways and methods that you can use in order to make anklets depending on what the raw materials you are using are.
In order to make an anklet from embroidery floss you need four strands of embroidery floss in four different colors, measuring about thirty six inches in length. You will also need some masking tape.
  • First and foremost, take all four strands of embroidery floss together and knot them together at a distance of two inches from the top of the strings. Now tape the floss strands to a table top.
  • What you now need to do is tie a friendship knot. A friendship knot is when you take one string, take it over a second string, then take it under creating a loop and then through the loop created. Tighten the loop by pulling the first string as tightly as you can.
  • To tie a friendship knot with the four strands that you have, start with the first two strings. Make two friendship knots using strand one with strand two.
  • Now create two more friendship knots with strands one and three and do the same with strand four as well.
  • Now start making the knots using the second strand as the string that is used to go under and through the loop. Create knots with the rest of the strands. Keep changing the order of the base strand and repeat the process.
  • Continue this till you create an anklet of the desired length. Knot it at the end and trim off the excess string keeping enough length to tie it around your ankle.
You will just need to practice the knotting method a couple of times to get it right.

From Beads

If you do not like the floss thread look for anklets, then you can choose to create the piece of jelewry using beads and silver chains or even beading threads.
These look more delicate and allow you to be more creative with your patterns. What do you need to make these? Stock up on beading thread, chains, clasps, beads (different shapes and colors).
  • Before you start threading the beads, it is important that you sit down and sketch out a couple of designs. Think of what you would like to create and how you would like your anklet to look.
  • Once you have designed the anklet, it is time to pick out those beads and accessories that would be a part of your design. Once you have decided on all of these things, start working on your design.
  • Follow the design intricately and create an anklet. Use the beading thread to create the main part of the anklet and use the silver chain at both the ends to create a delicate piece of jewelry.
  • Attach the clasp to the chain and try and tie it around your anklet. With beaded anklets it is important to ensure that the jewelry is not too loose or too tight but fits perfectly.
You will need to practice and persevere with the designs to create a well-finished and sophisticated product that people will definitely adore. You never know your anklets may just help you embark on a new business.