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How to Crochet a Hat

Scholasticus K Mar 17, 2019
A crocheted hat is an extremely warm and comfortable hat. Not to mention, how fashionable it looks in the winter. This information teaches you how to make one for yourself, by yourself.
In the winters, a hat or a cap not only keeps us warm, but also enhances our appearance.
Among the variety of caps and hats popular in winter, a crochet hat is a big hit with the youth. The term crochet, literally means, weaving by looping or 'crocheting'. The technique is extremely simple and has been described in detail here.


  1. Two balls of good quality yarn
  2. Crochet hook
  3. A pair of small scissors
  4. Yarn needle


Step 1: Firstly, make a slip stitch and 8 chain stitches along with it. An even number of stitches makes crocheting easier.
Step 2: The next step is to connect the two ends of the slip stitch and chain stitch. This is done by putting the needle through the first stitch and then making two single crochet stitches in each of the first stitch. Thus the end product would be 16 stitches branching out of the outer ring of the slip stitch.
Step 3: In a similar way, make the second row . Do the single crochet stitches for the first three stitches of the second row. On the fourth stitch, do two single crochet stitches.
You will need to repeat this procedure till the time you reach the small tail that marks the beginning of the row. In this step, you would notice that your hat is slowly evolving in a spiral manner.
Step 4: In the earlier step we completed the second row with the help of several single crochet stitches. In the fourth step, the third row is made and a single crochet is used to enforce the 2nd row that goes all the way round the hat.
Step 5: The fourth row is made in this step. All you need to do is make the fourth row with two single crochet stitches that go all the way round the hat.
Step 6: Repeat step 3 to make the fifth row.
Step 7: The depth that is achieved for the hat, is usually in the steps mentioned. However, if you want to make a bigger hat, you can also repeat the mentioned steps in succession.
Step 8: If you are willing to go in for an even more complex task, then you can also use a yarn that has been chained by putting across, in an alternating manner.
Crocheting a hat may sound confusing and difficult in the first go, and it is alright if you are not able to visualize or imagine the process. All you need to do is just start. Referring to the instructions simultaneously while knitting and crocheting will help you to a great extent, and make the process easier and more efficient for you.