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Crochet Basics for Novices to Have a Beautiful Pastime Hobby

Fatima Rangwala Mar 17, 2019
New to crochet? Through this information, learn the basics of how to crochet a variety of art and craft pieces, and see yourself mastering the art in no time.
Crocheting is an art of using yarn craft and a crochet hook for creating fabric, and is almost similar to knitting. The word 'crochet', which originates from the French language, means 'hook'.
It is a lovely art of using simple loops of yarn and creating a mixed bag of crochet patterns and dense fabrics, like sweaters, afghans, scarves, hats, etc.
After having created the fabric, you can add laces, motifs, and other embellishments as well, to add charm and style to your piece of work.
To begin crocheting, along with a strong focus, you will need a few things which may be readily available at any art and craft store.


● Worsted weight yarn/Wool (Color of your choice)
● Crochet hook
● A pair of scissors
● A wool needle (rounded edges with large pore)
● A tape measure


Foundation Row:

The foundation row is a complete row of chain stitches. To make a chain stitch, carefully make a slip knot over the hook and gently wrap the yarn around the crochet hook from behind to the front of the hook.
Now, use the end of the hook to draw the first loop you just created as previous. Continue creating a sequence of chain stitches in a similar manner, but make sure you do not count the loop on the hook as the stitch.
Single Crochet

Learning how to single crochet forms the basics of this activity. For single crocheting, you need to make sure that one loop remains on the hook from the previous row. Now, insert the crochet hook into the previous row and begin to thread your hook under the loop above the 2nd chain stitch. (All this happens in the foundation row).
In the next row, thread the hook below the loop of the 1st stitch of the previous row. Now, wrap the yarn in a similar manner, and with the help of the hook pull it through the stitch. Wrap the yarn once again and draw it through both the loops on the hook. This stitch is called a single crochet. Repeat these steps to create a row of single crochet.
Finish Your Work

When your piece of work becomes as big as per your desired length, you may stop working on it, but do so neatly. Leave about 6-7 inches of yarn connected to the fabric you have created and cut the piece of yarn you are working on from the yarn ball. Put this loose yarn into the last loop on your hook and pull it across tightly.
Use a tapestry needle to thread the loose yarn. Weave through the created crochet stitches and swiftly turn your work the other way round. Start weaving the yarn back through the stitches in an opposite direction. Cut the yarn neatly, and hide it under the stitches to make it look presentable.
Apart from these basic crochet stitches, there are other stitches as well, like the half double crochet, double crochet, triple stitch, slip stitch crochet, double treble, etc. Confidence only comes when you take up a certain project.
Likewise, you will develop a knack and improve at the art of crocheting only when you start working on a simple project.
There is a whole multitude of options in this field of art. If you use a little imagination and are keen on learning, you will definitely learn how to crochet a mixed bag of patterns one day!