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Unique Homemade Quilting Pattern Ideas You Can Opt For

Torque Earnest Oct 14, 2018
Making quilts at home is very simple and not very time-consuming either. Learn to make quilts and find out various designs here.
If you know how easy it is to make quilts at home, you won't feel the need to buy them. Homemade quilts can be made in a variety of patterns, practically with any piece of cloth around, as long as it is strong enough to handle some wear and tear.
Various kinds of fabric can transform your quilts into designer pieces. For example, cloth like satin or georgette is the best. And if you are good with thread and needles, some embroidery would certainly enable you to put up the quilts for sale. Various quilting designs are given in the following paragraphs.
Choose some old bed sheets that have somewhat lost their color, which cannot be used anymore due to some cuts, stains, etc. You can use such bed sheets, old bath towels to make quilts. But ensure that you repair the cuts in the sheets by stitching them up. This strengthens them.
After you are done with this, you have to decide what size do you want your quilt to be and then cut the sheets accordingly. But an important point here is to cut as less as possible. Just try to see whether you can make do without cutting the extra long bed sheet or the double bed sheet.
In such cases you can just fold them up and then cut out parts that cannot be adjusted evenly.
The best thing about anything that is homemade is that you can totally customize it. Likewise, making a homemade quilt gives you the freedom of deciding the thickness. The next step is stitching up the sheets together with long running stitches all along the borders.
The skeleton of the quilt is ready. Now to make it attractive and complete, you have to invest a bit in a cloth to put a cover on the entire quilt. You may either go in for cotton or good quality satin or velvet too, if you like.
You can select two different cloths for the upper and inner side of the quilt too. While you are stitching up the cover, one last bit of finishing touch is to take long strip of cloth to give the quilt a border.
The following paragraphs will give you various patterns you can opt for:

Checkered Patterns

You can make this design by using the applique quilting technique . Now by saying checkered it does not mean only the small checks with the classic white and black combination. The size of the checks can vary and so can the colors, according to your liking.
As far as the colors are concerned, It would look better if you go with your wall color. Again, depending on your liking, you can either go in for contrast colors or something that offers a monotone theme.

Flower Designs

Flower designs on bed sheets are common and can be used by either of the genders as long as the color remains a unisex choice.


This is a very plain and simple pattern with a border and the rest being absolutely plain. You can go for bright colors or strips of satin or any other material for having variety. Choosing a single color will give the quilt an elegant look.


This is especially for the kids. Kids prefer designs and colorful cartoon characters on their quilts as compared to plain printed cloth. So you can make simple outline sketch of your kid's favorite cartoon character or cute little animals like rabbits, pandas, ducks, etc.

Patch Work

This is an applique pattern which you can experiment by either using a same cut piece of cloth, alternating with two pieces or by taking various pieces and making a random design out of it.

Center Design

Contrary to the border style, this will only have one design at the center. It can of course be combined with some border.
A fantastic idea for beginners making homemade window quilts is to use strips of net or laces and alternatively join them with embossed cloth strips.
Other very popular patterns for homemade quilts are the double wedding ring quilt, cottage quilts, mosaic patterns, and wedding ring quilt pattern.
As the name suggests, mosaic basically needs patch and applique work, and cottage again is square patches of cloth, cut in equal dimensions and put together. So you can use these patterns too.