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How to Make a Jewelry Organizer

Neha Joshi Mar 14, 2019
Here is a 5-step method for making your own homemade jewelry organizer. You will now have place for every single piece of jewelry you own.
One of the many things women are particular about is their jewelry. Today, jewelry is not limited to gold and silver but is also available widely in stones, plastic and also cloth. While it is advised that you keep your expensive jewelry in a locker, the rest can be put up in an organizer.


Unlike handcrafted jewelry boxes, jewelry organizers are really easy and fast to make. You can use various styles and designs to make a jewelry organizer that suits your needs the best. However, a few basic things before you start.

Tip #1:

First, count the pieces of jewelry you own. This will help you in deciding the size of your organizer. You don't want the organizer to look half empty, do you? Nor do you want to realize later that there just isn't enough space.

Tip #2:

Sort out all the pieces of jewelry according to their type. For example, count the number of bracelets you have, the number of necklaces, and the number of earrings. This will help you while deciding the design of your organizer.

Tip #3:

Jewelry organizers can be of two types: boxes and wall-mounted cabinets. According to your needs, and the place available in your home, decide the type that you want.

Tip #4:

Now comes the most important part. Decide the material you want to use for making your organizer―plastic, wood, steel, etc.


In the given explanation, it is considered that you have chosen wood as the material and a wall-mounted cabinet as the type.

Step #1:

Collect the wood you are going to require, about 50 nails, a ball of any thick wool, colored paper, and some tape. If there are any more decorations you need, you can keep them along with these materials. Decorations such as ribbons, mirror pieces, and stickers can be used to make the organizer look more funky.

Step #2:

Since you have already decided the size of your organizer, cut out a wooden square or rectangle of that size. You can also cut a circle if you wish to, but that will involve too much of trouble and a lot of space will be wasted. After you place the wood in your desired shape, place the colored paper inside it so that it looks like a box with a colored base.

Step #3:

Now, drill a nail vertically and horizontally after every one inch. Make sure you leave at least half an inch of the nail outside the wood. When you are drilling these nails, see to it that you don't spoil the paper. You can also use hooks or 'stick on hangs' instead of the nails.

Step #4:

After you are done drilling the nails, take the wool and cover the edges of the nails with it. Do this in a way that after you are done covering the edge of the nail, it looks like a match with a small bulb like shape towards the end. You can use different colors of wool for different nails.

Step #5:

You can now hang your jewelry on these nails one by one. To make it look better, hang as many bangles as possible on one nail. The necklaces can overlap the bangles and earrings. In the end, you can also add a glass to cover this organizer. All you need to do now is hang it on the wall.
These tips and steps will help you make the best jewelry organizers. To ensure that your jewelry doesn't get spoiled, clean it every few weeks and make sure your organizer is well ventilated.