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Hobbies to Pick Up This Summer

While summer gets all the rage, thanks to the clear skies and the hot temperatures, it’s also the ideal time to pick up a new hobby.
Modern Times Jul 15, 2019

Do Something Creative

Write that novel, screenplay, or collection of poems you've always wanted to write. Play a musical instrument you fancy. You can build crafts or take up photography. Get into painting.

Pick up any creative hobby. The choice is yours and the options are endless.


Whether there's a wedding coming up or you've always wanted to learn salsa, taking dance lessons in the summer is a hobby that can really pay off.

Not only can it be fun, it can also help you stand out with your moves. Consider taking dance lessons in Lincolnshire, IL or wherever you live so you can learn from a pro.

Get active

Many people tend to be more active in summer and a lot has to do with the nice weather. Therefore, pick up a hobby involving physical activity outside your home, whether it’s running, swimming, hiking, or biking. Depending on where you live, there may be more options for you if you are competitive.

Enhance your knowledge

There's nothing like reading a book during a nice summer breeze. Your hobby doesn't have to be crazy. It can be useful if you focus on learning and reading books.

Your reading material could be about a skill you always wanted to learn, that helps you perform better or makes you marketable.

Earn from your hobby

Your hobby can help you make money. If there's a certain skill you're good at, like replacement roofing or lifeguarding, you can get a profitable summer job. You could try something new as starting your business or website.
Luckily, a summer hobby is your choice — it’s what you like and something you want to do. It can be one of these hobbies or one that didn’t make the list, such as gardening, attending concerts and festivals, or experiencing the great outdoors via camping.