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Hobbies for Seniors to Explore Their Multifaceted Personalities

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 17, 2019
When life comes to a permanent vacation, time seems like a luxury you've never had before. Use this time to know yourself better than you do, with some newfound hobbies and interests.
Hobbies are actions that allow many to express their innate feelings, sentiments and thoughts. Honing a hobby is extremely important, as it gives you a personal space to explore your hidden talents and build on them. In times when everything you do becomes a questionable act, a hobby provides you a reassurance of your capabilities.
In simple words, a hobby is your heart's calling. So, after retirement when you have all the time in the world, giving your 100% to an activity you love, it a total pleasure. However, if you haven't found a hobby to indulge yourself in, then it's never too late to look for one.

Best Hobbies for Seniors


The joy of sowing a seed, nurturing it and watching it grow is an incredible one. This makes gardening the perfect hobby for seniors. It has several therapeutic benefits, other than being enjoyable.
For senior citizens who wish to be busy at their own pace, gardening allows you the required physical activity, maintains the mobility, flexibility and agility of your body. It is known to reduce stress levels and have a calming effect on your mind. Gardening provides an instant gratification, which is the greatest motivating factor for pursuing it.


Over the years we all collect little trinkets that mean something to us. They have memories attached to them, that mean too much to let them go. Bring all of them out and turn them into pieces for a mosaics for a table top in your garden or outdoor seating area. You don't particularly require tiles to make a mosaics.
Old coins collected from your travels, stamps from letters received, little beads of broken necklaces, buttons of tattered clothes and fragments of other waste materials that you were hoping to fix someday, can all be turned into a beautiful table top. So, let your imagination soar and relive those precious memories all over again with a fresh perspective!

Bird Watching

It is fun hobby for senior citizens. It involves minimum physical activity and maximum patience. You and your spouse can enjoy this activity from your backyard.
All you need is a beginner's guide to bird watching and a pair of binoculars, to watch the stories that birds have to tell you. Bird watching opens your eyes to a whole new world of struggles, challenges faced by birds and how they overcome them with unwavering determination. It is indeed one of the most inspiring hobbies for senior citizens.


Nothing is more soothing that a piece of music that connects with your soul. Discover the genre of music that you connect with and which speaks your language. Learn a new instrument or the one that you always wanted to learn.
There are several activities related to music, such as taking singing classes, learning about a new form of music, following a certain local band and so forth. Music is the rhythm of life and each person must find his/her tune!


After a lifetime's work experience, put it to some noble use by penning down your learnings for those who seek an insight. If you've always had a flair for writing, write a series of columns that will help people understand your experiences and learn.
You can get in touch with a local weekly that would like to publish these writings. If not, you can always explore the option of blogging and connect with a score of individuals at once.
Pottery, teaching, painting, decorating, cooking, baking, jewelry making and designing are some more hobbies that you can explore. After all, a hobby is all about exploring yourself and not just doing the act.