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Hobbies for College Students

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 14, 2019
Amidst the rat race and cut throat competition, a student needs to find a personal space that allows the mind to break free from the shackles of convention. Take a look at few hobbies for college students and reasons why one must pursue them.
The age that brings on rebellious streak with it, shadows any kind of logical explanations to pursue a creative activity. Yet, take a minute to understand why hobbies are important for college students. Hobbies speak of a person's dedication and commitment to a cause. It brings forth your discipline towards achieving your goals and exhibits your creativity.
Today many prestigious colleges ask you about your hobbies and interests to gauge the kind of person you are. These leisurely activities speak volumes about you and your character. So, if you are looking at impressing a panel of reputed men and women to get a seat in the desired college, find yourself a hobby that you would like to pursue.


Many children have a way with brush strokes and paints. However, some of best skills are brushed away at the juncture of teenage. So, if you have dealt with the defiant rebel in you, get back to your palette of colors and let your imagination soar.
Painting is a medium of expression which allows a painter to say more than words. It gives you a space to showcase your talent, that no other platform can provide. College is an excellent time to hone your artistic streak and experiment with different styles of painting, till you reach a definitive one.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making as a hobby is a way to design the kind of jewelry you like. Turn shells, beads and some old jewelry items into lovely designs by adding a dash of imagination to it. The best part is that you can gift it to your friends, which can never be found in stores.
Materials required for jewelry making are readily available at a cheap rate. So you don't really have to pinch your pocket to finance this hobby. You can also try your hand at making silver jewelry embedded with semi precious stones, once you start perfecting the art of making jewelry.


Everyone likes dancing, but, only a few have the gift of doing it gracefully. If you are one of those few, choose  dancing as your hobby. Learn one form of dance neatly, for a steady foundation. Later, you can learn many other forms and styles.
Dancing allows you to express your emotions through rhythmic moves. It's a great confidence booster and an asset that will only appreciate in years to come. The biggest advantage of dancing is that it is a fun hobby that keeps you fit and makes you agile.


Reading is a habit that is picked at a very early stage in life. However, as you grow up, one finds little time to read for leisure.
Go back to this hobby, by picking up books you wanted to read for a long time. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to reading something you like. With varied genres available on the book shelves, you will have a long list of books to read as you return to this long forgotten habit.


Photography is slightly expensive hobby. But where there's a will there's always a way. The art of capturing a moment by focusing through a lens is a gift only few have. A photographer requires a keen eye and unquestionable talent of observation.
Initially, chose a subject that you would like to photograph, so that you learn to photograph it in various dimensions. As you develop a confidence in your skill as a photographer, you can explore with a wide range of high-end cameras to take better pictures of a wider range of subjects.

Few Other Hobbies



Playing a Sport



With such a spectrum of hobbies for college students, one can never get enough of trying new things. In years to come, creative pastimes can be turned into rewarding career choices. Despite the probable monetary benefits that a hobby can yield, the amount of satisfaction they give remains immeasurable.
Hobbies have a positive physiological effect, which is a much-needed antidote at an age when peer pressure overpowers wiser sensibilities. Indulging in an activity that you like, is a way of finding your innate interests. Such activities help you connect with yourself on a spiritual and an emotional level and help you understand life in a new perspective.