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Various Eye-catching Patterns of Hemp Bracelet Made With Beads

Tulika Nair Mar 17, 2019
You know how to make hemp bracelets but may want to learn to make one with beads. Here, we give you different patterns and an overview of the three knots that are used to make these bracelets.
Did you know that those stylish and trendy hemp bracelets that are a favorite with most teenagers are made from a fiber that is derived from a species of plant that is from the genus Cannabis? Hemp is used for many industrial purposes including production of paper, textiles, plastics, food products, fuel and medical purposes.
Bracelets made of hemp are very popular and are a mainstay in the accessories collection of most youngsters. In fact many people also like making these bracelets on their own to gift it to friends as friendship bracelets. These bracelets are very popular among teenagers as they allow them to show off their creativity and uniqueness.


It is important to learn the three knots that are commonly used to make these bracelets which are the overhand knot, the square knot, and the switch knot.

Overhand Knot

● Take the piece of hemp thread and make a loop in such a manner that one end circles over the other end.
● Now take one end of the cord and slip it under the loop and then through the loop to create a shape that resembles a pretzel.
● Now pull it tight and what you have in your hand is a overhand knot.

Square Knot

● Take two cords of hemp of equal length and then hold them in the middle. Now take two other cords of hemp and hold them at the ends.
● Now take the hemp cord at the right side and place it under the cords you are holding at the middle and over the cord in the left corner.
● Now move over to the cord on the left side, pull it over the cords in the center and then bring it under the cord at the right side.
That is known as square knot.

Switch Knot

●While knotting a hemp bracelet, the cords on the two sides are known as the knotters and the cords in the middle are known as the fillers. In this knot, you need to play around with the positioning of the fillers and the knotters to create a knot.
● The first step is to separate the fillers in order to create a gap between the two twines.
● Now you need to bring each knotter over the filler and cross over so that the knotters can now function as fillers and vice versa.
● Now secure the knot with a square knot at a distance from the bit that was tied last.
Spread out the fillers to create lacy look with a gap and you have your switch knot.

Patterns Using Beads

There are many different bracelet making ideas that you can use in order to make a hemp bracelet with beads. Here, we give you three such patterns that use beading along with hemp braiding to create unique jewelry.

Beaded Bracelet

Materials Required: 
  • Hemp twine, depending on measurement
  • Ceramic beads, 10
  • Beads of other shape, 4
  • Tape for measuring, 1
  • White glue
● Measure the hemp twine with the measuring tape and cut two lengths of twine of a measure that is double of the measurement you have taken.
● Now fold the cords into half and create an overhand knot big enough to accommodate the closure bead. This will cause you to create a loop, a tight knot and four strands of twine.
● Now the next step is to make two square knots and then thread a ceramic bead into your filler cords. After that create another two square knots and thread another bead. Repeat this process till you achieve the desired length. End the length of the hemp with three square knots and then add one more bead which will help in the closure of the bracelet.
● Now use all the fours strands of hemp cord and make an overhand knot and cut the excess twine. Glue it in order to ensure that the knot does not open up.
● Now use the four differently-shaped beads as charms and tie them to the hemp bracelet using overhand knots. Apply glue on these knots to ensure that they do not open up.

Bubblegum Bead Bracelet

Materials Required
  • Hemp cord, depending on measurement
  • Wooden beads, differently colored, 16
  • Glue
● The first thing you will need to do is make a clasp to fasten the bracelet.
● After this, make two square knots and thread two wooden beads, one on each of the knotter. Repeat this process of making two square knots and then threading wooden beads, until the desired length is achieved.
● Now make one switch knot and one square knot and close the knot. Use all four twines to make an overhand knot like in the previous bracelet and then cut off the excess twine. Apply glue on all the knots so that it does not open up or come off.
The bubblegum hemp bracelet is called so because of its resemblance to bubblegum. Now that you have two different patterns, you can create costume jewelry that you can wear or gift to your friends. The same patterns can also be used to create anklets and necklaces.