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Heart Friendship Bracelet

Heart Friendship Bracelet

Want to learn how to make a friendship bracelet with the heart patterns? Then look no further as this HobbyZeal article gives you a step-by-step tutorial.
HobbyZeal Staff
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
For most girls, wearing cute accessories with their clothes is a must. Every little thing has to match with each other. So, what does that have to do with making this bracelet? Well, everything. A bracelet with heart patterns looks adorable. With vibrant color combinations, you can literally make bracelets that match any of your outfits.
A Step-by-Step Guide
Step #1
The materials you'll be needing for the bracelet are 2 colors of embroidery floss, a safety pin, a pillow or clipboard, scissors, and measuring tape. Now for the embroidery floss, you can pretty much take any color combination you like―pink and black, pink and green, yellow and black, red and green, yellow and brown, pink and white, yellow and red, or even blue and white.

Step #2
Take the 2 colors of embroidery floss, and cut 4 strings in each color; about 65 inches long. Now fold both strings in half, hold from where the strings are bent, make a small loop (that will help tie the bracelet), and tie a strong knot. This way, once the bracelet is ready, it will stay secured.

Step #3
Insert the safety pin through the loop, and secure it on the pillow. This way, while you're working, you won't have to worry about holding the bracelet all the time. Arrange the embroidery floss in a particular pattern so that the heart shape comes out right. Depending on the colors you choose, for now we'll go with blue and white. The order will be―white, blue, white, blue, blue, white, blue, and white.

Step #4
Now we will take the right white floss to make 3 backward knots. To make this knot, simply place the white floss over the other 7 threads, go underneath them all, and bring it up again. Do that 3 times.

Step #5
After the 3 backward knots, you will do 4 forward knots with the left white floss. The forward knots are opposite to the backward knots. Instead of going underneath the floss, you will make a knot from above. After making these knots, you can notice that both white flosses are joined.

Step #6
When you reach this step, the pattern of your bracelet will have altered. The order now will be―blue, white, blue, white, white, blue, white, and blue. You will follow the steps 4 and 5 here. After the 4 forward knots with the blue floss, the order now will be: white, blue, white, blue, blue, white, blue, and white.

Step #7
Next you will make the 2 backward knots with the left white floss. After you have made these knots, make 3 forward knots with the right white floss. Again, both the flosses will be joined. Now the order will be―blue, white, blue, white, white, blue, white, and blue.

Step #8
Make 1 forward knot with the right white floss and 1 backward knot with the left white floss. Now the order will be―white, blue, blue, white, white, blue, blue, and white.

Step #9
Again you will make 2 backward knots with the right blue floss and then 3 forward knots with the left blue knots. The order will be―white, blue, white, blue, blue, white, blue, and white.

Step #10
Repeat the steps 4―9 and make hearts all through the bracelet. Once you reach the end, secure it with a knot. Make 2 groups, 4 floss each and braid them. These 2 braids will help in tying the bracelet on your wrist.
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-1
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-2
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-3
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-4
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-5
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-6
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-7
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-8
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-9
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-10
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-11
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-12
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-13
Heart Friendship Bracelet Step-14
If you want information on heart friendship bracelet stitch, you can get a black friendship band and cut a piece of pink, or anything other colored heart and stitch it directly over the band. Or, cut smaller pieces of hearts, and stitch it all around the band. It will look really cute, and you can do so with different colors as well.