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How to Make a Glass Tile Pendant

Smita Pandit Feb 15, 2019
Glass tile pendants not only look good, these are also easy to make. Here are some instructions for making these pendants.
Though glass tile pendants are readily available at the handicrafts store or can be bought online, why lose out on the fun of making a nice piece of fashion jewelry on your own.
You could make a funky pendant or an artistic one, you have the freedom to stylize it in the way you want. You could use a photograph, computer-printed image, graphic, or even a picture from a magazine.

Making a Glass Tile Pendant

Things You Need

● Glass tile
● Scraps of paper or a photograph
● Mod podge
● Aanraku bail (metal loop on the pendant)
● Adhesive
● Scissors
● Diamond Glaze


● Clean the tile with warm soapy water and allow it to air dry.
● Apply the diamond glaze over the rough or textured side of the glass. Make sure you apply a thin coating on the tile and around its round edges. Check for any dry spots and wipe off any extra glaze around the edges.
● You could use a photograph, patterned paper, or even crop any picture on the computer and use its printout.
● For your pendant to look sleek, you must have the image or the scrap paper cut down to the exact size of the tile. So, use scissors to trim or cut the image or the picture so that it is a perfect fit on to the tile.
● Place the image and make sure it is facing on the rough side that has been coated with the diamond glaze.
● Apply a little pressure to ensure that there are no air bubbles. The image should fit well on the tile. Make sure that it doesn't slide from the position.
● Check the image from the smooth side of the tile and allow it to dry.
● Apply a thin coating of mod podge over the back of your image and paste a metallic looking paper for the back side of the pendant.
● If you find any excess mod podge around the edges, wipe it clean. Apply diamond glaze or any sealant to the back part of the pendant as that will give it a glossy look.
● It's time to attach the bail. Apply a thin coating of diamond glaze or E 6000 industrial glue to the flat area of the bail. The bail should be attached in the center on the top portion of the back side of the tile. Allow it to air dry. Your glass tile pendant is ready!
Follow the aforementioned instructions for making pendants or necklaces from glass tiles. It's time to design your own funky accessories.